Best Development Tips for Android App Developers

It is an undeniable fact that Android occupies more than 80% of the mobile market. The Google’s very own open source operating system has created a rage in the mobile world. With millions of apps thriving on this OS, it has become a mobile developer’s delight. More and more businesses are launching their own mobile apps to reach out to a wider customer base. This fact is leveraged by mobile application development companies to get more business and deliver matchless results. However, mobile app development is not as easy as a pie, it involves lot of planning, modularization, development, testing and launching. More important than the actual process of mobile application development, you need a unique idea to create an app. There should be something ‘out of the box’ in functionality or appearance of the app to pull the crowd. So, come up with a new born idea that can be realized through a mobile app. Followed by this, you need to have the technical ingenuity to create remarkable Android apps.
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You need technical expertise on the following to develop Android app:

  • Mastery on Android Software development Kit
  • Strong hold on latest IDE like Android Studio
  • Expertise on Java Software Development Kit (JDK)
  • Testing devices
  • Know-how of latest trends in Android app development
If you want to polish your Android app development skills or are new to the Android platform then the first thing to do is download Android Studio, the latest IDE of Android. The best part about Android Studio is that it allows the development of intuitive apps. Android Studio offers the best environmental structures to create a secure, scalable app for smart phones, tablets, wearable’s and more. So, explore it and learn to make the best use of this exceptional IDE. Now when it’s about designing the Android app, it is recommended to follow the design guidelines for Android. You should be able to exploit the UI principles and Android design principles to create attractive, intuitive and seamless design that allures the user. In short, your design should stand out between millions of apps and the user should feel the need to download the app from the play store. Hence, work on the design principles to create a stunning look for the mobile app.
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Expertise on Kotlin will give you an edge in Android mobile app development:

Kotlin is the latest Android app development service that sidelines common Java issues like runtime exceptions and code verbosity. You can easily blend it with Java code and use it for existing projects to enhance the development capacity. With superior features, simple syntax and ease of functional programming, Kotlin is considered as the present and future of Android app development. Master it to get an edge over your competitors and to create functionally rich apps. In addition, Kotlin reduces the development time as it needs 20% less coding than Java. Therefore, Android app developers can build apps with intuitive syntax without writing long codes. In essence, Kotlin helps you develop highly featured Android apps with less code and thus, saves time required for development. Again, Kotlin shows highest compatibility with Java and uses Java libraries and frameworks. You don’t need to change the entire Java code but can modify it using Kotlin. It is available for free and is a secure language making it highly versatile for mobile app development.

Master Android Instant Apps:

This is another aspect that needs consideration from the budding development community. By using Android Instant Apps, they would be able to create apps that need no download or installation. They can be accessed from any URL and supports messaging, social media as well as other links. With this, your Android app would get a single click download and thus, prove to be a favorite among users. So, if you are planning to be an expert in Android application development then master Android Instant Apps. To sum up, Android app development needs the mastery of many technologies including SDK, IDE, development service etc. You can check and explore all of them at your own pace to design and develop the best Android apps.


SysBunny is a highly reputed Android app development company that converts any concept into a high performing mobile app. If you have a concept then, feel free to discuss it with us. We may turn out to be your best technical partners. Find here, top most tips for Android app developers in order to refine their development skills, polish their knowledge of latest trends to create best Android apps.

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