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The leading mobile marketplaces are experiencing bloating growth of several apps with low to nil download rates. In such a scenario, custom mobile apps are rising, hoping to grow the industry further, and upcoming technologies add fuel.


Life in the Web Era

Once upon a time, businesses were running after web developers to have a web identity in the form of a website or a web application running on the internet. Marketing executives were frequently checking emails and attending landline phone rings for inquiries.

Today Live in the Mobile Era

Within a decade, the scenario has been changed now. We have mobile devices like smartphones and sometimes tablets in our highly sophisticated marketers’ palms, moving anywhere and attending inquiries irrespective of time or space constraints. Yes, the invention of mobiles and the introduction of mobility in our life have turned the table 360 degrees. Mobility has improved our productivity by availing more comfort and convenience in our personal and professional operations.

Grievances of Businesses

If you would like to have some evidence to support it, look at web users who are using various devices to access the internet, hence websites. Recent surveys by leading firms have confirmed that half of the web users use mobile devices to access the web. Thus, Google had made it compulsory to develop your website using responsive web design (RWD) simply by introducing mobile-friendliness into the search algorithms. Unfortunately, RWD can favor search engines but not the humans or live visitors who are scrappy to have excellent user experiences.

Ultimate Solutions – Mobile Application Development

The bread-and-butter of modern businesses indeed comes from the business’s actual users or customers, not a search engine. Right now, the question is that why we should go to invest in web development. Why not in mobile app development where the best user experiences (UX) guaranteed? Correct your perception is. We should run after a Mobile Application Development Company to have a high-quality app with excellent UX, usability, and performance. Moreover, if you have carried custom mobile app development process and addressed your bespoke needs in your customized app, it may prove the perfect solution.

Consider Web Presence Too

However, we cannot ignore a website or web application for our business for two solid reasons. The first is the traffic pulling capacities of the website if it ranks on the top of SERPs. The second is being an anchor point or hosting web services required to function your mobile app with seamless integrations.

Custom Mobile App Development A Costly Affair

Now, you are fully convinced that mobile app development can provide you ultimate solutions to your big chunk of problems at present. Unfortunately, the mobile application designing and programming process is not a cheaper idea at all. It demands a big investment of your money, resources, and, most importantly, your valuable time. Are you ready to invest in mobile app development? SysBunny can help you. Therefore, smart businesses always seem cautious while investing in mobile app development with all modern bells & whistles required to hit your business targets. They think twice or more often before knotting ties with the leading mobile app development companies for their promising IOS mobile app development project. They may believe that just like the websites before a decade, mobile apps may prove a fade, and their fortunes may go in vain, as well as they have to look at upcoming technologies to invest again. The fear has some space in the world of doubts. Wearable technologies, M2M technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), and other such innovations are in queue as emerging tech trends. They may dominate the market at any point, just like the mobile app has done in the case of web applications. We cannot overrule such possibilities without the backing of history or statistic facts, which depict trends.

Custom Mobile Application Development Has A Bright Future Waiting!

Fortunately, you need not worrying while investing in a mobile application development project of any scale. We will present data supporting the hopes of a bright future ahead for mobile app design and programming. To increase app usage, the smartphones user base should experience a rise: Statistic predicts that the number of smart users was 4.77 billion in 2016, and it may grow up to 4.77 billion before the end of 2017 After looking at a steeply rising number of apps in various mobile app stores, we can confer that the future of mobile apps is bright and trends are not fading at all.

Technology Trends Supporting Mobile App Development

Another good thing is various tech advancements, which are mostly embarking on mobile applications anyhow and may give some new directions to the custom mobile app development community to evolve further, and those are:

Wearable Technologies:

Wearable applications have poor support for processing power, memory, and battery power to function similarly to mobile apps. Therefore, wearable niche always depends on the mobile applications supporting and customized for it.

Augmented Reality:

It has special privileges in the mobile gaming niche and certainly supports mobile app development. Retailers are eager to implement AR technologies in brick stores for several implementations. Similarly, the education niche is looking for bright prospects in AR apps.

Virtual Reality:

When virtual reality overlaps real-world objects, it provides stunning experiences of information and myriads of activities in innovative ways. Therefore, tourism, travel, retail, and education niches are looking for advancements in VR technologies.

IoT Applications:

Internet of Things has opened a plethora of new possibilities for mobile app developers who are skilled with hardware and mechanical machine integration with software to enable IoT application development. IoT app development is ranking on the top of the mobile app development industry.

Location-Based Services:

GPS technologies and Bluetooth-like advancements have started a new era of location-based services with real-time tracking and monitoring. Today, almost all mobile devices have GPS enables and support NFC applications to provide new marketing and finance niches. Other tech advancements are in line to leave footprints on mobile app development, and those are:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Natural languages
  • Robotics


We have explored how mobile technologies evolved and presented the status of mobile device consumptions and mobile application trends in the market. We also noticed that upcoming technologies are promising a bright future of custom mobile app development. We also have observed that mobile app marketplaces flooding with tons of standard mobile apps developed, keeping general usage and common audience in mind to cover a big user base. Unfortunately, upcoming technologies are highly complex and seldom support standard mobile app development to invite plenty of downloads to monetize. It needs extensive customization and skill sets to create custom mobile applications integrating upcoming technologies and trends. Do you know any Android app development company with experience and skills in custom mobile app development for innovative technologies?

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