How Augmented Reality Technology Can Help Your Businesses

Augmented Reality

AR or Augmented Reality is now among the main stream technologies serving a number of business sectors and industries. AR application development for your mobile apps can help your business to stay competitive and grow faster with certain edges with advanced technologies. Let’s learn how your business can get the maximum from AR innovations.


Business owners always tried many tactics to stand out of the competition, and the latest invention in technology is on top of their list. AR and VR are the fastest adapting technologies by many businesses.  The virtual reality took the entertainment beyond imagination, while augmented reality didn’t limit to“Pokemon Go.”

If you are a thriving and growth thirsty business and looking for the cutting-edge technologies to incorporate in your business, AR is the best bet today.If you think you are alone on the path of innovations, it is farther from the truth.

The tech giants like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook provided many filters to their users and dramatically revolutionized the way businesses adopt the technology. Many of the local and international companies started adapting AR application development to offer a phenomenal experience to their users.

Augmented reality shaping the Industries

The research shows that the global market for the augmented reality will be expected to reach at $209 billion at the end of 2022. Nowadays, mobile apps are ruling the life, and many industries have invested in AR application development to increase their customer base and to survive this fierce competition. The mobile applications can be beautifully configured with the AR to offer more interaction and informative experience to the users.

AR Entertainment Applications

AR has a considerable contribution to the entertainment industry. More realistic, more immersive, and more interactive will be the future of entertainment. The entertainment is getting more realistic, and the AR technology is changing the way we use electronic devices for enjoyment.

Training & Education AR Application Development

The interactive feature of AR adds an interesting learning angle for students & trainees in industries. No matter it is a classroom or solo learning, the complex theories and knowledge can be easily explained most engagingly and excitingly.

Medicos might have human models created based on real-life skeletons; surgeons and doctors have the opportunity to know internal viscera before starting an operation. Engineering students may have a 3D model of machine parts or a building based on AutoCAD drawings when they focus AR empowered mobile camera on it.

Industrial training becomes easy with risk-free AR technology training apps developed pertaining to an industrial training session in custom ways.

Healthcare AR apps

AR has significantly improved the quality of healthcare providers. The doctors can take the patients on a surgery tour with live effects. Besides, the complex cases can be easily handled by wearing smart AR glasses during the surgery.The implementation of AR in healthcare has reduced the chances of mistakes and helped the surgeons to stay focused.

Automobile AR App Development

The automobile manufacturers are eager to use AR in its different operations, including design and production. AR can be used more widely and can have a powerful impact on consumers.

Real Estate AR App Development

Some of the businesses men have already invested in augmented reality app development in creating the interactive demonstrations of their properties. However, AR applications for real estate are encouraging buyers to take actions by seeing the 3D BIM model of the properties going to develop.

AR allows buyers to take a virtual tour of BIM actively by knowing everything about the structural and architectural components including various attributes like material, shapes, sizes, colors,textures, and a lot in due course.

AR Advertisement Applications

The AR enhances engagement by enabling consumers to interact with the products on a new level. You can create visuals with 3D effects in Ads and demonstrate them to help the consumers to decide the accurate size, style, and patterns. The big players like Reebok, IKEA, and others allowed their consumers to check out their products in reality by taking photos and videos.

AR Game Apps Development

The game developers are offering a new thrilling and exciting experience to their players. The AR technology yielded positive results when it incorporated with big brands like Houzz, Disney, Niantic, and others. “Pokemon Go” is the best example of AR games developed so far. AR can push gaming app industry at anew level and fresh air in its lungs.

AR Navigation Applications

AR makes the navigation easy and safe when it combined with rich geo-location data.  With the help of maps SDK for Unity, many businesses have created interactive maps for better indoor and outdoor navigation. Unlike GPS navigation, the AR maps are well programmed and also provide personal assistance to the users.

Beacon and Bluetooth technologies have eased the job of AR apps a lot by providing real-time navigation even within a shopping mall or a large chain store. With the AR app for the business when enabled on your mobiles, you need not any help from the guards or sales staff to reach your products or department. Textual and voice based instructions are enough to guide prospective customers and inspire her for quick deals.

AR App Development in Manufacturing Industries

The manufacturing industry is also taking benefits of AR technology in its different options like design, training,sales, and complex assembly. The functionality of the model can easily be optimized with the help of AR.

The AR enables workers to check out the parts and essential details at every stage of the complicated assembly process. They can also check the assembly process and the finished products in 3D visualization.

AR Fashion Application Development

L’Oreal and Converse like fashion and apparel giants are investing in AR mobile application development for the sake of better experiences. Virtual try-on or fitting room concept work tremendously in fashion & apparel industries. The cosmetic industry also is benefiting from AR applications and allow try-on of lipstick like products without much rubs on the face.

AR Toolkit

The augmented reality for mobile platforms will reach $2 billion until the end of 2022. Ios and Android mobile phones are widely used devices in the world. There are immense benefits of developing AR apps on these devices, and they can create by using different toolkits. The Augmented Reality Application Development company selects the accurate toolkits in accord with the functionality of their mobile phones to provide an immersive and interactive user experience.

  • ARCore
  • Vuforia
  • EasyAR
  • Kudan
  • ARKit

AR Devices

Apart from AR capable mobiles, AR headsets, AR smart glasses are the two most popular devices for experiencing AR technology.Tech giant Microsoft has created Hololens which the best AR device so far. The AR smart glasses providers like Vuzix, Solos have been working to provide impressive capabilities of identifying 3D objects and networking with outstandingly high performance.


Apart from user experience, the AR application developers can flourish endless opportunities to numerous business sectors. The benefits of AR are immense, including a higher level of customization and deeper engagement. No matter you are already a master player in your industry or a newcomer, you can enhance your traction by expanding your sphere of operations with the help of AR application development using an impeccable team.

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