Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Web Development in 2019

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no more fantasy in Sci-Fi movies; it is a reality now. Today, we have amazing AI-powered tools to take web development process at the next level with all advancements and cost-effective options.

Being a leading Web Development Company in the outsourcing industry, SysBunny has wet ted its legs into AI mud and one informative post already delivered before the current one.

Therefore, I am straightforwardly going to describe how AI will impact the web development processes in 2019.

Web Design Automation with AI

Web design is indeed a creative field, and none can compensate humans in it. However, there are some rooms to introduce artificial intelligence in the web designing process. Let’s see some scopes.

Wix is an AI-powered web design engine. It initially asks several questions pertaining to the client’s expectations and end-user expectations. Based on your answers, it draws some design options for your web page, and you can use it directly or customize it up to your satisfaction.

Similarly, Bookmark is an artificial intelligence design assistant while Grid is focusing on the content you upload. Jimdo Dolphin is another automated engine to roll your designing ball with customizable design options in your hand.

An AI-powered virtual assistant (VA) in designing can help you to create personalized content where you can address branding, conversion optimization,and other aspects of web development.

Today, web design is photo-centric, and ecommerce uses images intensively than other niches. Therefore, photo-recognition, photo-editing, and image searches are helping tools for a seasoned web designer.

Converting Sketches into Code

Many web designers used to draw sketches by hand on paper. Now, Sketch2 Code is a powerful tool with AI capabilities to convert those sketches into a functional code and user interface on a browser.

Microsoft custom vision model is an AI-powered technology in Sketch2Code. It is capable of recognizing UI elements like buttons and text boxes in hand-drawn layouts of web pages and convert those elements into HTML elements.

Similarly, Microsoft computer vision services can read the texts written in hand-drawn sketches and convert those into HTML and design elements. The software also uses Azure services for cloud-based backend services for your websites.

AI for SaaS Products

For a SaaS business, AI can aid personalization features into your website development. AI-powered tools can ask you a series of questions pertaining to your company and your goals to incorporate in your web development projects.Apart from these, various cloud-based website builders are available in the market with different capacities.

AI Can Render You a Coding Super Hero

AI has prediction capacities, and we can use it in web programming beautifully. It helps developers to get code suggestions, auto-filling, as well as accomplish coding in a particular technology and direction by feeding AI engine prior to starting coding from scratch.

Based on code templates and scripts, AI can help programmers to accomplish their complicated tasks with ease and some commendable speed. Similarly,AI-powered coding tools help in database management like adding, deleting, and updating databases based on records or an automated learning process.

Furthermore, AI can help a Web Development Company to provide enhanced web designing and web programming training to the different levels of programs. It can keep the agency its talents updated with upcoming technologies and tools. AI can automate various training programs and even take assessments with automated tools.

Automated Testing with AI in Web Development in 2019

Testing is a laborious task where a tester has to perform several tasks repeatedly. However, some automated software is existing for testing, but AI can make a big difference in it. Based on the records, AI offers the following services in testing.

  • It offers fault expectation techniques.
  • It takes appropriate QC approaches.
  • It helps in quick bug fixing.
  • It brings consistency in testing/production.
  • It aids QA developer to sort out effective testing methods in the right contexts.
  • It provides proof of exception with quick recognition.
  • It gives compelling programming for testing and boosts the processes.
  • It undertakes complex strategic tasks.

AI to Enhance SEO of the Website

In modern SEO practices, content development is an essential and ongoing process for off-page SEO services. A web development company always has challenges to accomplish it with careful content creation and posting keeping search algorithms in mind.

Therefore, AI tools help in content development and automated posting, particularly in social media. AI also extend helping hands in various analytics to get perfect clues of traffic, behavior, and content performance on the site.

Verbolia is analyzing existing content and matches with external info and yield landing pages automatically with conversion optimization. It automatically generates product descriptions on the ecommerce site.

Similarly, AI aids in paid ads like Google AdSense with Auto Ads feature to ease myriads of keyword research to selection tasks to gain good ROI.

Data mining processes useful for marketers if integrated with AI capabilities. Voice assistant and Chatbot like AI-powered tools also ease the life of marketers and support service teams.

Who Can Aid You for AI Integration in Your Web Development Projects?

If you want to know more regarding automated website builders or get a guide for your web development projects, SysBunny is an avid Web Development Company to provide you AI-based solutions for your organization.

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