Influence of Enterprise Mobility Management on the Present Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is a collection and combination of sectors within the economic system that provides therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative services to the patients. The modern era of mobile technology is bringing healthcare and mobile devices together for the advancement of human. Therefore, there is a big rise in healthcare mobile app development services in today’s time.

Effective enterprise mobility solutions give a boost to healthcare, so it becomes easier to provide accurate healthcare data quickly.

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Enterprise mobility solutions also facilitate robust features to enhance healthcare. This post will make you understand how enterprise mobility management solutions help healthcare providers. We will also discuss its security implications and how enterprise mobility solutions will provide security to your organization. 

The EMM ecosystem works on different fundamentals, such as:

1.Mobile device management (MDM)

The use of this technology is to manage the platforms and stages of mobile devices remotely. MDM consists of a unique profile that is installed on each mobile. With the help of this device, the IT department can control, encrypt and impose policies on smartphones and tablets. Suppose if the mobile goes missing, it will erase all the apps and information.

MDM is also utilized to take reports of mobile devices, configuring the operating system and many other tasks.

2. Mobile application management (MAM)

MAM is used to precisely manage mobile device applications. It is used to update existing apps, install new apps and control push notifications. This department is facilitated by the ability to remove a particular app and the data associated with it. Plus with the help of mobile app management, it will outline security policies.

The popularity of MAM is because of BYOD (bring your own device). MAM is used to work-related apps on those devices.

3. Mobile Identity Management (MIM)

This fundamental makes sure that only approved tools and users have access to protect corporate information. Mobile identity management takes care of single sign-on, code signatures, and authentication within apps.

4. Mobile content management (MCM)

This fundamental is used to control access to information, which includes security of content, how the content is accessed and the safety of each document. MCM frameworks can directly work with several corporate services such as Google and Microsoft to ensure that only the concern person has access to the data and files.

5. Mobile Expense Management (MEM)

MEM is used to identify mobile communication costs and control expenses. It includes BYOD allowances, procurement of devices, and service usage. This fundamental is also used to examine different mobile usage and official policies including costs from the use of mobile devices.

So these were some of the significant fundamentals of EMM that facilitate the healthcare management system. Now we will discuss the various impacts of enterprise mobility solutions.

Benefits of enterprise mobility solutions for the healthcare industry

EMM has provided so many benefits to the healthcare industry such as:

Access patient care in remote areas: Healthcare IT solutions based on mobility solutions enable patient care even in remote areas. This solution provides two-way communication and works on different factors, which includes the history of the patient, disease identification, prescriptions, etc. with the help of enterprise mobility solutions, healthcare becomes accessible for everyone.

Promote quick and robust decision making: As we all know, the necessity of timeliness especially for the healthcare industry. EMM empowers decision-makers of the health industry and provides the right information on actual time for timely decisions. They can also respond quickly if there are any changes in patient conditions and speed up the whole process of patient care. The significance of these solutions becomes more important and promising in case of any emergency.

Increase productivity: Productivity is the primary concern in the healthcare domain as facilitating healthcare specialists’ efficient means, and tools allow them to deliver high-quality care to the patients. With the use of enterprise mobility solutions, doctors and staff have a remote working style. And in case of any emergency where response time is very crucial can be quickly attended by the doctors from any location.

Allow better interconnectivity: Enterprise mobility solutions in the healthcare industry provides better synchronization of doctor, staff, and patients. They must be interconnected with each other. EMM provides a reliable platform for them to share valuable information and updates with each other.

Time saver and cost-effective: with the help of several features like video calling, e-collaborating, and many more EMM saves time and of both the professionals and patients. You can also upgrade their data on time that protects both the cost and time of manually entering the data.

Now let’s take a look at how the integration of mobile applications makes the patient care in the hospital better:

Making paperless patient records: Digitizing the patient record is a boom to the health industry. Several health records like prescription, x-rays, medical history, past consultations, and discharge papers of the patient are centrally stored in the hospitals’ system that is accessible to the doctors on mobile devices.

“According to a survey, replacing paper health records with paperless reports has reduced the death rates by 18 percent.” Click To Tweet

As you can see above, the convenient access of patient’s medical data is very beneficiary for emergency consultations.

Integrating patient management software: The hospitals are incorporating patient management software so that the doctors go through the patients’ previous health reports, identify the present health status and suggest tests to perform instantly.

The health diagnosis app measures blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate, visual activity, and many more in just few seconds. Apart from that, there is a medical calculator app that informs the professionals about any risk after entering specific frameworks.

Accessible communication and consultation: There is an essential need to connect multiple locations of the hospital such as OT, ICU, laboratories, clinics, etc. The EMM allows hospitals to stay connected through text, video calls, emails, which makes the treatment easy and speedy.

 There are more healthcare apps like Medicall that quickly enables consultation, disease identification, and prescription from the doctor with the help of the video conference.

Optimization of the nursing activities: It enables the feature that reminds the shifts to the nurses, provides a prescription, updates the tasks and gives an update to the patients.

NurseAlert app is a brilliant app that keeps the nurses updated with the shift management and timings and never let the nurse forget to attend any patient and give medicine on time. Nurses can also set automated reminders for repetitive tasks.

Use of EMM for Healthcare Data Security

EMM solutions adopt a variety of security measures to guard devices and information. It solely permits approved users to access data through passwords and multiple authentication strategies. The IT team can also build unauthorized devices to regulate access. Within the same method, you will be able to build and manage unauthorized apps, additionally.

With the use of enterprise mobility solutions, admin can also track and manage security compliances. The technical department can also apply security configurations and policies to the devices. EMM assures advance healthcare data security by monitoring attempts of jailbreaking or rooting the device.


So the enterprise mobility solutions develop hi-tech mobile apps that can transform the parameters of the healthcare industry. It supports the essential thing in the industry that is emergency support to the patients. It allows the professionals to access different enterprise applications, which includes health diagnosis app, medical app, and nurseAlert app.

Developers are also experimenting with the latest technologies to improve the protection level of healthcare solutions, and it is expected to witness a massive growth of healthcare mobility solutions in the future.

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