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Any mobile app development project’s success depends on how initial approaches have been taken by the mobile app development team when a client is approaching the agency first time. The contribution of mobile technologies to the growth of a range of businesses is significant and increasing rapidly. The mobile app market is going to touch a $100 billion figure in the current financial year. It means more and more businesses tempt to have a mobile identity with an app. It leads to an increased rate of inquiries for the app development projects to the mobile application development company across the globe. For an agency with a knack for app design and development, dealing with such inquiries effectively is mandatory to lead the project to success. To help out startups to seasoned mobile app developers or agencies, we have devoted some space to craft questions that should ask before signup the development project.  Related Blog: How to Find and Hire Best Mobile App Development Agency

Q-1: Can You Describe How Your App Should Be in a Few Sentences?

A client can describe that how the app should be only when he/she has all concepts regarding the app are clear in mind, such as app idea, app design, app features, app functionality, app user experiences, app content, app architecture, UI layouts, interactions, and finally usability.


If the app concept or idea is unique and requirements do not match any of the existing apps in the market, the client has to put things in words or give app examples more than one or two in numbers.

Q-2: Do You Tell Something Regarding Target Audience of Your App?

Of course, actual research on the target audience should carry out by the mobile app development team before planning the app design, but getting initial ideas from the client or business can lead the team in the right direction.


If the client/business doesn’t know what problems the app will solve and who is concerned with it as the end-users, the usability of the app may fall into jeopardization.

Q-3: Do You List Out Business Objectives of Your App?

The app could be developed to address internal requirements like helping manufacturing staff by automation of the processes. App addressing external needs can deal with customers directly or ease the job of working for staff in offices and marketing staff to create synergy in work in a combination of functionality.


The answer provides clues of features and functionality needed in the app based on the requirements of the target audience. It also helps in defining various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the app.

Q-4: Do You List Out Key Stakeholders of Your App?

The answer to the question indicates that those involved in the project from the client-side or business already have formed a team for the project before diving into the development.


The business will define its team to help in the mobile application development process by nominating the project ownership, assistants to help in decision-making processes, and a small to big team to provide data and resources to the development team. If you know who will manage post-production affairs of the app on behalf of the business, your maintenance, upgrade, and other marketing-related tasks would become far more accessible than you think.

Q-5: Do You List Out Key Competitors of Your App?

If the business objective is to develop an app for internal usage, the client or business team hardly lists out competitors in the space. For external usages like eCommerce or selling products/services indeed face, the competition and have competitors.


By recognizing the competitors, app development companies can run competitor analysis and formulate app strategies targeting a lead in the competitions through various means like look-n-feel, experiences, and app performance. It also helps app developers to make the app futuristic for a long active life.

Q-6: Can You Define the Expected Timeline of Your App Development Project?

The deadline for the software development project is the next crucial thing, then the cost. Moreover, it influences the cost and quality of the project if the proper timeline is not defined and creates several issues for both ends.


The ballpark estimation of the project timeline by the client helps the app development team to define payment milestones, the size of the development team to allocate, project development methodologies, and the full project management to make it cost-efficient.

Q-7: Can You Place the Expected Budget of Your App Development Project?

It is the most crucial yet essential question to ask at an appropriate time during the initial conversations with the business inquiries for the app development.


By considering the project timeline and other aspects of the quality of the app with desired features and functions, the mobile application development team can agree or disagree on the expected budget of the business for the project. Generally, Smart App Development Company never directly denies the project only based on the cost estimation. Instead of it, business analysts and marketing teams work together to produce a ballpark project estimation describing what is involved in the project process and suggests how to reduce the entire project budget if a compromise with quality is an issue. These exchanges help the team to save the loss of project and convince the business regarding the honesty and transparency of the App Development Company.

Q-8: Do You Believe in MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of Your App at First Release?

MVP means the product with minimum vital features and functionality to solve the primary problems. The release of MVP ensures opportunities for the app development team to collect genuine feedback from the actual audience at the initial stage and provide scopes for further iterations.


If the client is agreed on the MVP release, the app development team can bring desired complexities gradually with iterations and feedback in the loops. It provides a risk-free and secure product at the end of the iteration process. It also the team to eliminate budgetary and timeline constraints by iterating the product in the appropriate frequencies.

Q-9: Do You Looking For Multiple Releases of Your App On Different Mobile OS Platforms?

We know iOS apps are consumed mainly by affluent users while Android has enough diversities despite having a vast audience. It depends on your target audience, what devices they use the most, and what scope is in the future. If a business is going to release on both platforms and more than those, it needs a big budget and extended timelines.


With this question app, mobile app developers can suggest what the best option for a business is? Whether to go for individual platforms or looking for cross-platform app development. It also helps to define the priorities for a platform like Android first or iOS first. The most important thing is the availability of skillsets for either the platforms or cross-platform projects.

Q-10: What is the Monetization Strategies for Your App?

Everyone invests to earn something out of it. Therefore, it becomes a natural question to ask any client or business looking for an app. Various monetization techniques and tricks are prevailing in the mobile app markets, such as paid app with a cost, freemium with in-app purchase model, in-app advertisement, etc.


Based on the monetization strategies, app developers can design the app and hit the business goals. Suppose the app is developed solely for internal usage like manufacturing process automation, enterprise operations, and helping internal staff in day-to-day productivity tasks. In that case, it eliminates the need to look at any monetization strategy during app designing and programming processes.


We have listed some essential and mostly asked questions before going to start any mobile app development project. There are tons of other things that need the prior attention of business and IOS app developers to take into discussions. Suppose you are eager to know more in this regard and looking for perfect consulting services for your next big thing in the app market. In that case, SysBunny is the destination to look for the right consultancy and Mobile App Development Team. Contact us to know more in this regard.

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