The Outlook for Tomorrow of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality
Keeping the threads continue from the last post The Useful Augmented Reality Apps Part 4 we are going to explore the future of Augmented Reality. Let’s explore more. Recent moves by Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft like giants in tech investment are promising that AR is the next big tech thing that awaited a bright future. Magic Leap’s Secrets Rony Abovitz has founded Magic Leap with $4.5 billion investment. It is working on AR application but kept it secret. Neuralink Infusing Hopes Elon Musk has founded a neuro-tech company to find the ways to communicate directly to the human brain. It has the futuristic vision to develop a brain-machine interface to developed AR application that communicating directly with brain and yield results just with thoughts. It seems sci-fi like scenario, but possibilities are higher to turn into reality. Based on the above evidence, we can predict that our world is heading towards delivering highly promised Augmented Reality applications shortly.

Awesome interactivity

Our concepts of smart homes and smart cities can turn into reality with AR technologies. For example, we can save millions to billions of dollars spending on physical signs, directories, and various schedules in our offices and cities. We can save that expenditure just with AR applications available to every citizen and vehicle running on the road, which can augment the reality with real-time interactivity. Think of IoT applications, and now mix it with AR applications. Let’s imagine a scenario in a smart city of tomorrow. Let’s check industry wise futuristic AR application possibilities.

Archaeology AR Applications

The museums in future may have implemented Beacon technologies to provide contextual information, but not on the smartphone apps. It would be on AR app running on a head-mounted device like HoloLens or smart glasses. Very non-intrusive experiences for a tour of the museum or an archaeology site.

Architecture AR Applications

Architects and civil engineers of tomorrow may not need paper drawings or computers display 2D or 3D model. Instead, they will use AR devices to display their plans and concepts to the staff working in the field. Everything would be in real-time and instructions, or changes will take place immediately in overlay models. Interior designers can depict the furniture layout, electric layout, water supply and drainage layouts, and much more with AR objects with accurate measurement and placement.

Commercial AR Applications

The virtual dressing room is becoming a reality and may touch new highs by providing interactivity further to make selections. Futuristic fitting and makeup room will provide a selection of various products easy for all kinds of products, which are not covered today.

Educational AR Applications

Today we have a few AR app development services by expert AR app developers that help the education industry, but tomorrow we might have improved AR applications to cover the entire education niche right from KG to high school, and college classes as well as distance learning. Students will learn lessons in practical life, not in a classroom. Doctors and engineers have practical lessons with real-life things. No need to print textbooks, just wear the headset or glass and start learning.

Industrial AR Applications

Various AR apps for industrial uses like manufacturing can ease the life of engineers, workers, supervisors, and assistants by providing enhanced training, design, planning, maintenance, and repairing aids.

Marketing AR Applications

Now, marketing ads will not be displayed on the screens of devices but play in a real-life scenario with futuristic marketing AR apps. Users will see ads in real contexts of location and needs of users while on the go.

Medical, Healthcare, & Fitness AR Applications

Doctors, healthcare workers, and fitness instructors can work with superimposed info pertaining to the patients with real-time aids by computing devices as well as remote experts for better and accurate results. Complicated surgery will become easy even for a surgeon will fewer experiences. Nurses may take care of patients with complexities without summoning a doctor frequently. Fitness instructor may have all fitness data as soon as fitness user or sports person comes on the sight.

Law & Security AR Apps

Police may have a criminal record of a person moving in a crowd and can catch him or her immediately without asking any question for interrogation. Traffic police may recognize the theft vehicle or vehicles breaking laws as soon as they look at the number plate wearing the AR device with an app.

Military AR Applications

Defense personals can recognize foe and friends immediately with the help of AR application made exclusively for them. Battle will plan based on AR apps providing real-time and integrated information like from satellites and planes flying overhead of enemy areas.


We have seen some awesome possibilities for futuristic AR applications in the current post. However, future of AR is far wider than we imagine and only time can tell where we are heading today. If you are among the optimistic startups or businesses, which are looking Augmented Reality as future of technologies, we at SysBunny invite you to join in our community fostering AR app development for all levels of entrepreneurs. Let’s start a thread of discussion on your next AR app development.

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