The Useful Augmented Reality Apps [Part 2]

Augmented Reality

AR mobile app developers have explored some industries as potential candidates for Augmented Reality applications in our previous post ‘The Augmented Reality Apps Part 1’ and those business niches were education, disaster management, fashion & apparel, games, and aviation.

Now, in the current post, we would step forward and cover more industries to check how Augmented Reality technologies can add value in all.

Industrial AR Applications

Industrial Augmented Reality applications are supporting industrial processes. It dates back to 1990 when David & Thomas developed first IAR application to superimposed a computer-aided diagram of the manufacturing process over the real world in real-time.

Since then IAR used in manufacturing industries and today following applications are drawing the attention of inventors and investors.

Assembly AR App

The applications of Assembly AR app can categorize into

  • Assembly guidance
  • Assembly training
  • Assembly simulation
  • Assembly design and planning

With AR application, we can simulate the user movements while assembly acquires accurate and realistic movement of virtual parts.

Maintenance AR App

Maintenance and repair AR app is the most natural type of AR application because it keeps the attention of users on a specific area and additional synthesis information regarding complicated sequences, identification of components, and textual data.


  • It eliminates the frequent used of printed manuals and acts as an X-ray machine for inner and invisible sensors providing data/info directly that imposed on real-world objects using virtual layer.
  • It also helps in repairing tasks by providing an immediate display of the diagnosis on the engine/machine.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed AR app for maintenance & support.

Industrial Training AR App

It supports the training in complex sensor-motive and cognitive of skills and sub-skills. The AR app for industrial training provides opportunities to learn the instructions simultaneously acting on it. Moreover, the app lets students or trainees interact with the real world objects and processes along with access to guide information.

QA or Quality Control & Commissioning AR App

The AR app can use to verify the parts by analyzing their interfering edges and variance. In automobiles, AR app used to verify car components as well as accomplish ergonomic tests in reality.

The AR app can help mechanics to find out errors by superimposing original 3D model of machine or parts of the real surface and calculate the deviations. The level of significance indicates errors and provides clues to correct it.

Monitoring & Visualization AR App

The AR simulation of working machinery helps engineers to monitor the various performance parameters like time and temperature using the mobile app on handheld devices.

The AR app provides visualization of scientific data in the shared environment as well as allows 3D interactions with real components in comparison to virtual models.

There are many Augmented Reality apps available for Industrial Augmented Reality implementations, do you love to go deeper in the field? Contact the app development team to obtain real consultancy in this regard.

Marketing AR Applications

Many mobile AR apps are capable of collecting location data using GPS and displaying digital information in conjunction with real-world in real-time. Thus, AR app users can get details about the various commercial places including shopping malls, brand shops, retails, eating places, theaters, and events just by focusing camera of the mobile devices.

Many commercial outlets use such marketing purpose AR apps of displaying their ads regarding the place, deals, and promotions in real-time to provide real-world check-in incentives to the visitors and loyal customers, just like Foursquare does.

E.g. – ‘Layer’ has released Layer Reality Browser application for iOS and Android mobile users. It displays street views and shops with names and offerings in real-time.

Other usages of marketing AR applications are:
  • It provides 3D ads with real locations and real-time updates.
  • As the storytelling medium for marketers and branding campaigners.
  • It provides virtual tours in brick stores.
  • By extending live experiences.
  • By experiencing products in ecommerce environment.
  • As a creative social media tool.
  • For product placements on premium places.
  • Provides localized and clientele simulations.

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Medical, Healthcare, & Fitness AR Applications

Augmented Reality applications help the medicos in two ways, education and training in the first place and diagnosis and treatment as the second place.

For medical: Some real-world applications used in the medical niche are:
  • The AR medical apps amalgamate theory books with real-life implications by providing more interactive learning sessions for fresher to experienced doctors working in Clinic or Operation Theater.
  • Medical students use texts, charts, cards, and bone boxes to learn anatomy but AR app can add one more layer onto it and provide real-time information with interaction ability.
  • The AR app provides vital statistics and visualization regarding ongoing surgical operations without shifting the attention of doctors from the patient to the screen
  • App describes symptoms in patients in better way, and EyeDecide is an exemplary AR app
  • The AR app provides virtual assistance with the in-depth expertise of remote surgeon to the general surgeon operating the patient in Operation Theater.
  • AccuVein AR App helps nurses and medical assistants in their day-to-day tasks like giving intravenous injection by catching veins or arteries as per need and in a different It superimposes the image of scanned veins and valves or bifurcations on patient’s body with greater precisions using handheld body scanners.
  • The AR app also helps cosmetic surgeons to locate tiny body parts and structure easily.
For Healthcare & Fitness:
  • Zombies Run is an AR application that motivates the runners by inducing fear of zombie-like supernatural creatures.
  • Fitness AR has created an app to help athletes and fitness lovers to visualize the workouts with AR maps displaying running, cycling, and hiking routes in 3D views.
  • The AR Fitness apps provide real-time data like heart rate, speed, sweating rate, breathing rate, and much more with the help of wearable sensors or body implants. It presents the data in front of fitness lovers in comprehensive and interactive manners so they can learn things out of it and correct their mistakes, and all in fun ways.

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In the current part of Augmented Reality App, we have explored the AR applications for industrial, marketing, medical, healthcare and fitness niches. We are looking that how the world is changing with innovative Augmented Reality technologies.

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