Top 10 Benefits Of Having An Offshore Development Team

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Building digital products like mobile apps or websites need expertise. Tasks like mobile app development can be tricky and time-consuming. The ample resources required to set up an in-house app development team are usually uneconomical for most businesses.

Moreover, it is not always simple to find local skilled and qualified developers. Working with an offshore development team, especially in India, is the easiest solution to all these problems. By outsourcing their development tasks, companies can streamline their business aspects.

Understanding the basics of offshore app development

Offshore app development refers to outsourcing a company’s development tasks to a third-party app development company or developer located offshore. It includes creating a formal arrangement with the offshore service provider as per your business requirements.

In the past couple of decades, the number of companies outsourcing their development work offshore has rocketed up. But there is something special with outsourcing work to India. The considerable talent pool, low costs, and time-zone advantages are among the many merits of having an offshore development team in India.

“The application outsourcing market revenue is expected to grow to $133,367 million by 2025, owing to its annual growth rate of 5.9%. In 2019, Statista confirmed that India was the best place for outsourcing Information Technology Outsourcing services.”

Top benefits of hiring an offshore app development team!

The popularity of engaging an offshore entity among many American and European enterprises is due to the innumerable advantages that this service type offers. Outsourcing app development services to entities located in countries such as India indeed prove beneficial for your entity. Take a peek at the top 10 benefits of having an offshore development team:

1. Specialized workforce

A mobile application can be crucial to the growth of a company. Hence, it needs to be incorporated with new and advanced technologies to be up-to-date in this ever-changing technology world. It gives rise to the need for skilled and qualified developers who are armored with proper knowledge of new technologies like AR, AI, and IoT. It isn’t easy to find such specialized talent in the local terrain. Thus it is a good idea not to stay limited to one’s land when it comes to app development.

Developing countries like India contain a vast pool of young and thriving workforce to yield astounding app development processes.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Cost-cutting is an essential pillar for the steady functioning of a company. Every company wants to cut costs to make ends meet, and having an offshore development team can contribute to that. The resources used in the complicated process of app development cost a fortune. But when a company chooses to outsource the development processes, you can significantly reduce costs to 50% or more.

India is a third-world country that offers lower wages to its developers, which adds to the cost reduction. For instance, a senior developer in India has a lower salary than a junior developer in the US. But it will be wrong to assume that low costs mean low service quality.

3. Increased efficiency

For a company whose core business task is nowhere close to app development, having an offshore development team can prove to be a boon. The development team members live and breathe their jobs. Their experience in the industry helps them bring the best ideas and innovations to the table. This results in increased work efficiency. Efficiency, in turn, increases company profits and client satisfaction.

4. Focus on business growth

Mobile app development is a hectic process that needs great attention and focus. But for a company whose core competency is not app development, driving all its attention to the development process is not practical. Here is when offshore development outsourcing comes to the rescue.

When business owners outsource app development processes, they have more time to focus on business growth. While the offshore development team is busy building an app for your company, you can work towards your business’s core aspects. This synchronized work system leads to the overall success of a business.

5. Time-zone advantage

Most western countries outsource their development tasks to the eastern countries. For instance, an enterprise in a North American country will most likely outsource to a firm in an Asian country. The time difference between Asian countries and North American countries is 12 hours. That is, Asian time is 12 hours ahead of North America. This considerable time difference between the two continents fuels works efficiency.

By the time a working day in a western country starts, the eastern region entity’s developers would have completed their tasks. While other in-house employees are sleeping, the offshore development team is working. Moreover, the overlap time can be used to arrange conference calls, sync ups, and zoom meetings.

6. Cultural exposure

When a company partners up with an offshore development team, the developers are located in different countries or continents. It facilitates the incoming of new ideas, innovations, and perspectives. The developers are sheer experts in their jobs; hence they can expose the company to a whole new world of possibilities.

7. Competitive advantage

Due to the increased efficiency and pocket-friendly work approach, your entity can gain a competitive advantage over its counterparts. Offshore app development can offer a tremendous competitive edge as you find competitive app development services with lesser hassles.

8. Privacy and security

Privacy and security can be a significant concern while outsourcing a vital process like app development. But today, maintaining privacy is more manageable with advanced security tools at disposal. Various software and applications facilitate the business owners to have complete access to development systems. With NDAs and relevant security measures, upholding confidentiality and security gets simpler. Monitoring software can be used to check-in on the offshore development team now and then.

9. Easy to manage

It is imperative to place an eye on the employees to ensure that they are putting in the right amount of efforts. A business owner in another country cannot directly see whether the employees are reaching the workplace on time or putting in the whole day’s work. But, with an offshore management team, the task gets simplified. Offshore management teams from leading offshore app development companies ensure that proper internal control measures are in effect. Thus, the business owners can be relieved knowing that someone is handling the proper work administration.

10. Reduced HR responsibilities

Relief from HR responsibilities is one more advantage of offshore development outsourcing. All you need to do is partner up with an offshore development team and then take care of everything else. Hiring and managing the app development force will be totally upon the app development company.

Achieve excellence with an outstanding offshore development team!

In the ever-expanding business world, every business owner needs to make appropriate choices to thrive in the market. Outsourcing mobile app development is one such practice that is popular owing to its impressive benefits. Businesses all across the globe are considering hiring an offshore development team to cater to their business requirements.

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