Top 10 Most Popular Mobile Apps for 2019

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The demand for mobile applications is increasing in the market despite a heap of apps in the leading mobile marketplaces. It compels many app-entrepreneurs to think about the success factors in the marketplaces. To obtain useful inspiration from the success stores, I have narrated the top ten most popular mobile apps for 2019 in the current post.


We are living in a tech-savvy world. Most of the chores of day-to-day life are revolving around mobile apps. The app marketplaces have numerous mobile applications that created for different purposes, including communication, entertainment, businesses, game, and many others.

According to recent statistics,mobile apps are expected to generate more than $189 billion in revenues by the end of 2020. Google Play and App Store are the two major marketplaces for downloading apps.

Moreover, there are more than 5 millionapps available for download. Unfortunately, only a few stand out of the crow thanksto their innovative approaches and user-friendliness properties.

So, if you have any unique idea about mobile app development and want to select the best features and functionality for your mobile app development, we cordially invite you to read success stories of the given 10 top most popular mobile applications in 2019.

1. TikTok

Now, TikTok is going to beat YouTube and similar major visual media applications and stand on top of the most popular app of 2019. It is a video making app, which has gained immense popularity as a videos making platform, uploading, and sharing those videos on different platforms, including YouTube, WhatsApp, and soon. It has more than 800 million installations and more than 500 active monthly users.

2. YouTube

YouTube is the largest and most applauded video platform for visual media creators across the globe. The app is incredible as 5 billion videos consumed by more than 30 million viewers every day. Also, more than 25% of the traffic generated from the mobile YouTube app. It is estimated to increase the traffic 300% by the end of 2020. The revenue-based model, not only encouraged creators to produced engaging videos, but also helps them to earn handsomely right from smartphones.

3. Netflix

It is the world’s first paid service for users to watch their favorite TV shows on smart devices. Netflix is a video-on-demand app comes with immense features targeting the best user experiences. It does it by adopting the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence as are commendation engine. There are more than 10 million subscribers, which are still growing stronger.

4. Amazon

As the most celebrated eCommerce platform in the world. Amazon focuses on providing the real value to its customers by bringing every single item into their pocket. With the help of the Internet, it aids customers to buy their desired things quickly, easily, and in cost-effective ways.

The fast user experience and smooth user interface contribute to enhance sales. The app boasts with varieties of features, including the shopping cart, filters, payment gateways, and others. The users can easily get their favorite products from a wide variety of products by filtering on different parameters, all in a few taps.

5. Instagram

With 500+ million active users, Instagram is becoming a highly useful tool in comparison to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media apps. Instagram is heaven for whom opt for the visual medium for marketing& communication. It allows users to share their stories, images, and videos with their followers. The eminence of the Instagram app is increasing, as it offers immense opportunities for social media marketing.

6. Dropbox

Everyone loves unlimited cloud storage, and Dropbox is the most reliable and well-established cloud storage app. Besides,storage, it offers multiple gadgets, which help you to store and share the files with your colleagues or clients. With the search features, you can browse everything that you have stored. You can upload the images, videos from your phone automatically and store them in Dropbox. It already helped more than 540 million users to save their mobile device storage.

7. Spotify

It is the most applauded music streaming app with interesting features. The app offers an in-app purchase for a better ad-free experience. The premium members can remove the Ads, as well as stream their favorite music offline. The app is widely used in over 61 countries and has more than 160 million active users worldwide.

8. Uber

With the help of technology,you don’t have to wait for a taxi. Uber is a leading on-demand cab app and used by more than 8 million riders across 70 countries of the world. It is integrated with Google Maps to help the drivers and riders.The riders can track the drivers, check out the pickup points, and drop-outpoints, all in real-time. The app also integrated with different payment gateways, including cash payments,credit or debit card, and mobile wallets.

9. FoodPanda

The food at your doorstep is the best facility that we could get in this hustle-bustle lifestyle. It is a German food delivery app, partnered with more than 28,000 restaurants across 193 cities and 40 countries. It has more than 15,800 riders delivering freshly cooked meals at the doorstep of the customers, even on-time and as per requirements.  The app offers varieties of feature including browsing your favorite dishes, tracking the delivery in real-time and different types of payment gateways.

10. SnapChat

When it comes to technology, Snapchat is second to none. Downloads of the Snapchat app increased thanks to the integration to AR (Augmented Reality) technologies. The app offers surreal images which can be blended with different kinds of interesting filters. Snapchat boasts with 180 million daily active users sharing their visual communication through stories, images, videos, and live streaming.

Do You Wish To Invest In Mobile App Development?

If your business needs a mobile app, here are a few reasons to consider your investment in mobile apps.

  • The mobile app offers convenience to users to access your business anytime and from anywhere. Your customers may feel great comfort in browsing,communication, and even sharing your brand values through the mobile app.
  • The mobile audience used to derive one-third of Internet traffic. You don’t want to take a chance to miss such abroad audience. The mobile app allows you to stay ahead of your competitors by targeting such a vast customer base.
  • It provides a significant return on your investment. Many reputed mobile app development companies are delivering fully functional and feature-rich mobile app sat competitive rates. You can generate revenue through in-app purchases or by running advertising. Thus, the return on investment is handsome in mobile app development with the right partner.

Where to Get Awesome Mobile App Development Services for Your App Idea?

When it comes to creating a mobile app, an excellent Mobile App Development Company might be the secret key to your success. The opportunities for your business through mobile apps are endless.

All you need is an innovative approach to emerging technologies and trends for your mobile app development ideas. SysBunny is the destination where you can discuss everything related to the success of your mobile app ideas. Let’s initiate a conversation on it.

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