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Marketing is a dynamic and ever-changing field. Marketers are keen to catch their target audience wherever it resides actively. We are experiencing an advanced era of digital transformation in marketing field too. Innovations in technologies also transform the way marketing takes place.

Many upcoming technologies are seemingly leaving profound impacts on marketing, and artificial intelligence or AI is still promising to open the doors of new opportunities.

Data-driven AI

Various computing devices, including smart mobiles, have pulled a massive pool of people on the virtual landscape for a variety of purposes, and shopping is one of such significant activities. Therefore, businesses and industries take the various route to attract and engage their prospective shoppers.

It has given birth to Omnichannel marketing strategy. Multiple channels, at other hands, are generating a big pool of data pertaining to users, products, and various marketing activities.

Smart Marketing with AI

Therefore, experts say that only smart marketing can survive, which can effectively deal with data gathering, huge or Big Data analysis, and use tools to implement all with marketing automation. For instance, today, we have nearly 3 billion active users on social media sites. A lot also exists on different channels.What vast data to deal with when you think of an advanced marketing campaign for a large scale of the project?

Existing human resources and tools are incapable of managing such awesome marketing tasks. What you need today is artificial intelligence and associated technologies like deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing to lift your marketing campaign next level and assure success for it.

So, I am going to explain to you at least top ten ways by which AI and associated technologies can help in contemporary marketing.

1. AI-powered Smart Content

Artificial Intelligence has empowered content publishing tasks with two kinds of solutions.

WordSmith is an AI generated content software. It consumes pre-filled data to create relevant content in given contexts. Therefore, it is useful for reporting on data-focused events. Many financial services create copy writing for Ads, Email,and Instant Notifications.

Content Curating using AI technologies bring high user engagement. Therefore, many personalized sites like blogs, subscription sites,and recommendation engines on ecommerce are using such content curating scripts or software.  It ultimately brings automation in content publications without any human involvement.

Cortex offers social media and marketing content optimization services, which

2. AI Persona Building

Today, customers exhibit very complex behaviors before and after a purchase. They use multiple devices throughout the conversion funnel. Smart mobiles offer mobility and tons of opportunities to make a good deal for the same products on the web and brick stores in your vicinity.

Shoppers are taking Omnichannel routes to reach a business, which again makes things complicated for marketers to create a user persona encompassing almost all behavioral activities related to shopping.

It is AI and associated technologies to help you dig in Big Data collected from multiple channels for user acquisition.AI can collect the data from your targeted audience. Nearly 4K+ consumer data has received and processed by AI engines of “Marketing Sherpa” to create a user persona for different categories.

It reveals buying habits, motivational factors,and impacts of other factors on purchases. A 171% of increase has reported in revenue through marketing efforts using AI tools and techniques.

3. AI-powered Personalization

Recently, the majority of personalization engines use AI & associated technologies like machine learning and deep learning to offer highly personalized experiences to the visitors of a business.

Personalization engines collect the user data, know user persona, and exploit the history of a user with the business.AI engines process the data and dynamically offer personalized experiences right from greeting to content display, dynamic pricing, incentives of the purchases, and exclusive checkout process.

By using propensity models, AI-powered personalization engines quickly convert the users into customers and repeat customers to loyal patrons. Shopping cart abandonment has not remained a crucial issue for a marketer when they use AI-powered tools. Re-targeting becomes an easy and automated process.

4. AI-powered Customer Prediction

Real-time customer data and advanced analytics enable us to collect the customer related data throughout the entire shopping journey on the websites and apps. If AI-powered software is integrated with these tools, it empowers marketers to know where, why, and how customer leave the conversion funnel.

It also helps the marketer to suggest relevant offers, push notifications, and email marketing based on various prediction on customer behavior. Vidora is providing the churn predictions to the business regarding brand engagement and retention of users/consumers.

5. AI-powered Communication

Live chats on websites and messengers on social networking sites are some of the highly used routes by the visitors of any business in the modern era. In such a scenario,Chatbot like AI-powered communication solutions acts as efficient tools to connect and satisfy a company with the automatic answering engine.

A chatbot is famous for delivering exceptional customer support and aids in conversations using various marketing techniques. Chatbot has a pre-feed customer and product data.Moreover, it can collect requisite customer behavior and other data using machine learning and AI technologies on each repeat visit of the same customer.So, it can act as a smart customer service representative assisting visitors directly.

6. AI-powered Advertising

Paid online Ads are essential marketing tools, which let marketers explore traffic from search engines as well as on social media platforms. Today, marketers use programmatic Ads processes on various platforms. So, automatic selling and buying of Ads inventory is a reality now.

AI-engines record the Ads data of likes and dislikes of prospective consumers, check the browsing and in-app usage history,clicks on products. Based on the Ads data, it provides various recommendations to the business like display of axillary products, similar products, and relevant services in the Ads banners.

7. Automated Lead Generation

Node is an ideal tool to process a large volume of data of a business and recognize opportunities for the leads. AI helps in the identification of potential customers and business with it. It also helps in shaping lead generation and customer engagement strategies.

AI generates propensity models with some machine learning training and helps the sales team to fix how a lead is hot or relevant and makes suggestions accordingly to offer incentives or not.

8. Automated Image-recognition

Visual search is a growing tendency among the searchers and advancements in image recognition technologies have made it possible. AI-powered visual search enables a user to capture the photo of a product or its packing and run the search on the web or redirect it to your ecommerce site.

Another implementation of visual search is offering similar product recommendations based on the image captured by the shoppers and run a visual search on your storefront through any channel.

Asos’ Style Match is an AI-powered tool to search the product catalog using a photo of the product. Many fashion retailers in the UK are using these technologies to identify customers on various social media. They get their images from their CCTV camera recording if they have visited the store.

9. Automated Voice-recognition

We are experiencing an evolution of voice recognition technologies in smartphones and other computing devices.Technically, voice recognition and answering technology are associated with AI and NLP technologies.

It enables customers of a business to run an advanced search of the products using voice search algorithm. Automated voice search engines recognize the voice of repeat users, and apart from attending the queries they made, it also makes a recommendation so products based on their previous buying history and preferences stored in personalization engine/data.

10. Automated Marketing

Marketers have to deal with a variety of tasks while running a campaign. The majority of functions are repetitive like sending cold emails, push notifications, and responding to interactions of the customers.

Now, Boomtrain like tools has taken AI technologies to the next level. It uses CRM data of the business and its AI engine to customize various communications like email, SMS, push notifications, and even Chatbot to provide an utterly human touch.

Such automation tools cut the expenses on human resources and time wasting on the preparation of campaign resources.


These are only the top ten ways which offer direct help to the marketers in the formulation and execution of the advanced marketing campaigns. If you are a marketer, ecommerce merchant, or a marketing agency, SysBunny offers its services to integrate, install, and configure AI-powered software and tools.

Our talented web and mobile app developers are familiar with AI and associated technologies and algorithms to uplift your business to the next level. Would you like to place your query for your future AI-powered marketing needs?

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