Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Chatbot?


We believe that our website, an online shop,keeps our business open on the web round-the-clock. Unfortunately, it is a kind of illusion. Suppose a visitor from an odd time zone is visiting your ecommerce store and have a query.

She wants direct conversations with your helpdesk services. She also expects a prompt and satisfactory reply to her concerns. Would you able to do so if you are running a single owner website? It is true that you have included a live chat feature in it, but without an active human attendance, it may go in vain.

In such a scenario,automatically answering Chatbot solution proves the best bet for the businesses of any scale. Chatbot module offers an instant messenger like interface with many bells & whistles. Your Chatbot could be a command based Chatbot with limited capabilities, or it could be an AI-powered smart Chatbot with immense capabilities.

AI associate technologies, including ML and NLP, enable Chatbot to learn new things and respond contextually outside whatever pre-program feeds provided to it.Some Chatbot applications are available as off-the-shelf products while some need customization using Chatbot engines only.

With these prior intros to Chatbot, let’s explore its top five reasons for that your business need a custom Chatbot solution, and why should go to a Mobile App Development Company for it.

1 – Chatbot Enables Round-the-Clock Support Services

As discussed earlier, Chatbot provides an immediate response to any query forwarded by your website’s visitor. Chatbot on behalf of you gives satisfactory and smart answers in smart fashion using a rich messenger interface tailor-made according to the requirements of your business and marketing team.

AI-powered Chatbot alleviates the need for running a call center or hire an additional support team to provide 24X7 services through your live chat feature on the web and mobile devices.

Smart Chatbot is always tried to offer satisfactory answers to queries with any level of intricacies using AI-associated technologies. If something seems important to find itself helpless,Chatbot immediately shifts that query to the human in the charge.

It is true that Chatbot can attend most of the queries in smarter ways, and leave only a few for your human attendant. It automatically cuts the hiring of more than an employee to provide dedicated attendance services for your live chat.

2 – Chatbot Can Scale Up During Traffic Spikes

Many ecommerce stores experience traffic spikes during holiday seasons. Similarly, other businesses pass through high traffic during business-related events. If you still relied on human staff to attend those traffic spikes, your live chat staff may not find adequate to provide satisfactory communication services to all queries poured in the messenger.

A chatbot is an automated software capable of attending any scale of requirements without missing the quality of answers, engagement, and conversion services through Chatbot interface. It can generate multiple modules to address hundreds or thousands of shoppers at a time.

Thus, Chatbot provides decent returns on your investment and stress-free business, in bonus.

3 – AI-powered Chatbot is More Than a Mere Live Messenger

If you think your smart Chatbot is for telling visitors what you are selling only, you are wrong. AI-powered Chatbot can accomplish myriads of innovative and complex tasks that you hardly can imagine. For instance,

  • It provides links of product pages based on the queries of the shoppers and also displays comparison statistics, incentives on it, or deals associated with it.
  • It allows shoppers to pass through a short checkout process by accumulating most of the essential data from the account of registered shoppers or data available on social media platforms like Facebook.
  • A chatbot can provide links to Google Map for location data when a shopper prefer an in-person visit or select pickup option for a successful deal.
  • Some Chatbot solutions also include price or shipping calculator to make the instant decision for a purchase.
  • Shoppers from Facebook can buy your products without leaving it or entering the ecommerce site.
  • It allows for booking a ticket or an appointment for a service like visiting a wellness center or booking a table in a restaurant.

I think your Mobile App Development Company can help you to know what is possible for your business.

4 – Chatbot Offers a Frictionless Business

Chatbot automatically delivers in-app or browser notification to your repeat consumers when their favorite items enter into your store. Unlike email marketing, your shoppers need not pass through email reading by opening a separate app or mobile browser.

They can interact with your business right from the Chatbot messenger interface fora purchase. They can click the button in Chatbot, and also learn about various offers on it.

Recent statistics also revealed that 84% of Chatbot messages have opened against 34% of marketing emails. It means Chatbot also helps in reducing cart abandonment rate and bring customers back to your business if used tactfully.

Now, I would like to spend a budget on email marketing or use your Chatbot with some customization created by a leading Mobile App Development Company.

5 – Chatbot Contributes to Branding & Trust Building

SMBs are often working in untraversed sectors, products, or services. Convincing prospective customers in the first place is a challenge for such businesses. Chatbot helps in due course by providing detailed and satisfactory answers to all queries from a buyer.

Today, none like to spend time browsing along list of FAQ, Chatbot can do it rapidly and accurately. Moreover, Chatbot can reply to the query in a true contextual manner by considering previous behavior of a visitor or obtaining vital data from social networking sites if the visitor comes from social media.

Chatbot also can produce right references of product users, connect to rating & review sites, and point out anyone in the social circle of the inquirer.

Wrapping It Up:

Now, you have realized that why 55% of shoppers prefer a conversation with a business using Chatbot, and 63% customers think a business should have a Chatbot integrated on the site or in the app.

SysBunny is an experienced team, which has integrated various Chatbot solutions with businesses from various domains successfully. Chatbot developers have customized Chatbots for leading brands across the globe. Would you like to reap the immense advantages of Chatbot solutions for your startup or establish business and its digital solutions?

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