Top Mobile App Ideas for Startups and SME’s in 2019

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Marketplaces are flooding with a variety of categories of apps. Therefore, delivering one more unique idea in the highly saturated market is the biggest challenge. One has to focus on a specific niche or category of apps to narrow down the app ideation process. In due course, I have decided to focus on apps for startups and SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) in 2019.

However, the needs of startups are quite different from the SMEs, so we have opportunities to cover a wide range of app ideas in the current post. Now, I will cover a broad range of industries or domains to discuss the app idea instead of sticking with a single sector.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups & SMEs in Retail Industry

Before you think of an app for your retail industry, you must have some research to know why your target audience will use my app. Your Mobile App Development Company can help you in this regard.

Why Target Audience Need a Retail App?

However, recently, a survey was carried out on Millennial to know why they download retail apps from various app marketplaces.

The survey’s results have revealed that 54% of respondents have cited that mobile applications are easier to use than mobile-friendly websites. The second reason was discounts and competitive prices available on mobile apps. So, 27% of respondents have downloaded the retail app.

Successful Retail Apps

There are plenty of retail apps running with a different degree of success. However, I would like to cite only a few known brands here.

  1. Walmart for day-to-day shopping stuff to luxurious items with ease in shopping and paying.
  2. Sephora is a cosmetics retailer. Besides the products, it also offers opportunities to try on using Augmented Reality technologies, providing reviews, and useful tips for product usage.
  3. IKEA is a furniture giant. It has implemented Augmented Reality applications successfully and let customers know whether products are matching their spatial needs or not.

More Ideas to Offer Innovative Retail Apps

Modern retailers carry physical to virtual businesses simultaneously by taking Omnichannel approaches. Therefore, we can provide them some specific app ideas to help in the business, such as:

  • Retail Operation App for Physical to Virtual Spaces.
  • Sales & POS is supporting app.
  • Inventory management app with warehouse and other focuses.
  • Order management and shipping management app.
  • Marketing app.
  • Retail compliance app.
  • Disaster management app.
  • I am reporting app.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups & SMEs in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is a vast industry that encompasses various sub-domains. Therefore, you have to think of an app idea for any unit functioning under the hood of healthcare title.

Target Audience of Healthcare App Development

  • Individual doctors are running small to large clinics.
  • A group of doctors establishes a sizable hospital with unique units and everyday operations and sharing common facilities.
  • Local bodies are running charity hospitals.
  • Government-funded and managed hospitals from small to big scale operations.
  • Wellness centers functioning across rural to urban areas.
  • Pharmacists at the bottom to top-level selling and distributing network.
  • Pharmacy manufacturing companies.
  • Clinical researchers in various medical and specific research institutions.
  • M-Healthcare & wearable entrepreneurs.

With the insight of the target audience for your healthcare app idea, you can think of where you can add value in the industry by providing healthcare mobile app development services or software products.

More Ideas to Offer Innovative Healthcare Apps

  • Healthcare monitoring app for monitor mainly chronic diseases. The app helps doctors track each patient’s health conditions with detailed history, including diagnosis and treatments.
  • General health testing app to suggest tests & record data for normal health parameters-based tests to disease-specific tests.
  • Personal medical records app using Blockchain technologies.
  • Appointment booking app with help desk service integration.
  • Remote treatment app for some instances.
  • On-demand app for doctors with advanced features and facilities, including integrating wearable and testing equipment with digital capacity.
  • Medical administration app to help in administration.
  • Pharmacy service integration app to ease prescription to medicine buying journey.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups & SMEs in Food & Hospitality Industry

Food & Hospitality industry serving two primary purposes, accommodation & food. However, both are different and have a diverse target audience to some extent.

Hospitality Industry App Ideas:

The hospitality units provide accommodation facilities like hotels, guest houses, and vacation rentals. It is chiefly for travels from the travel and tourism industry.

The app ideas for the hospitality industry are:

  1. Hotel Booking: An app for travelers to book hotels or other accommodation facilities available at the destinations. The app can offer advanced booking features,search features for accommodations, and payment facilities.
  2. Vehicle Booking: Taxi booking, flight/train/bus booking, and other related services in the travel and tourism industry also include here.
  3. Guide App: for travelers who want to go for worth-to-visit places.
  4. Loyalty or Reward App: To encourage hospitality business, various incentives and loyalty programs are working. The app can help in due course and implements all beautifully.

Food Industry App Ideas:

Food units like hotels, restaurants, and bars, offer various food services, including in-premise dining, food pickup services, and food delivery services.

  • Restaurant table reservation app for in-premise dining.
  • Food menu app to customize and order the food items.
  • Food ordering app for pick and delivery services.
  • POS & in-app payment services.
  • Location-based services, including Map, direction, and incentives/offerings app.
  • Loyalty program app for repeat customers.
  • Social Media app for the food industry.

It is true that due to space restrictions,we are not going to list other several categories or domains in this post, but can mention the names of the most significan there.

  • Finance and accounting
  • Weather apps
  • Power & energy apps
  • Travel industry apps
  • Human resources management& recruitment
  • eLearning apps


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