Use 8 Gaming Trends To Game Up Your Gaming Industry in 2018

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For the past few years, mobile games are at a digital zenith. To broaden the technological horizon, IT-related entrepreneurs are switching their tastes towards game development. Mobile games have overshadowed the other application industries. General applications like railways and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., have started to generate mobile games, leading them to introduce a gaming section in their applications. With the magnificent dominance, whopping revenues, unimpeachable reach, and an unprecedented number of downloads, mobile games have shown a great level of engagement. To develop their own niche, mold the best gaming experience, and metamorphoses into a digital giant, gaming industries and mobile game developers and designers are trying to fit their boots in respect of new technologies and innovation. Considering all the evolving attributes, companies are working on some of the latest mobile trends, which would show signs of promise in the gaming sphere. Skim through these latest technologies and trends of 2018, which exact the promise to shape the gaming experience way better than ever, way larger than what you could ever imagine.
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 1. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Gaming: Give a realistic angle

2017 was already a great year to witness some of the finest VR and AR games. As the names are self-explanatory, games developed with virtual and augmented reality technology (as the primary ingredients) are known to appeal to many hardcore gamers. AR and VR are dedicated to appealing masses. Mixed reality technology is fundamentally improvising the interaction and interface, attracting passionate gamers. The said technologies are in the earliest form of development and are expected to mark an alluring precinct for wearable users in the future. Games such as Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine and Pokemon have gradually implanted confidence among AR developers. Such fantastic execution of breathtaking technologies continues to tighten up the competition in the gaming industry. Both the technologies are seen as a resplendent-yet-elegant futuristic crutch for the gaming industry. Mobile games for every generation: Target everyone Setting and developing your products based on age-targeting would only limit your reach. Your growth may halt if you don’t focus on every age group. The mobile games are no more copyright of kids. Anyone and everyone should be able to play it. It is equally vital for older people, adolescents, grownup youths, sensible ladies, and people of all age groups. It takes an arduous effort to upgrade the quality of your games which target every generation. You will need to do a strenuous task of analyzing and unearthing things that no one ever did.
  1. Wearable gaming: Mental plus physical activities
I am not in favor of sweeping statements, but most gamers are tech-naturals. Broader the fundamental elements in the game, better the feel, sweeter the outreach. There was a time when we all sat in front of TVs and smashed the buttons. This only led to the in-activities. Nowadays, Wearable VR Gaming Devices allow us to move out bodies leading us to feel the game. Wear your head-mounted display, seize your lightener tight, and may the strength of Gladiator be with you. Wearable gaming products with enormous market potential are already released. Hence, wearable devices are predicted as an alluring mass platform just after smartphones. There is no comparison between mobile and wearable devices because both are new themes of the same industry, i.e., entertainment.
  1. Social gaming: Interact and win
Social gaming has been in the market for a long, probably since Jesus’s era. Jokes apart! Social gaming involves an invite to play. What if you can invite your friends to play chess across the World Wide Web or sit by his side to play tic tac toe? These games require social interaction between players. The process of involving someone else apart from your existence led to a term called “social gaming”. Few factors which make social gaming a great lodestone for mobile game development companies like Sysbunny:
  • Allows multiplayer to play a single game at the same time.
  • Creates awareness of others’ actions in competitions and tests your skills.
Many gaming companies give a bounty to encourage the use of their game applications. To reach the massive mass, game companies rely on social invitations. Moreover, quick and concise social registration for mobile games already empowers games to garner great social pulling.
  1. Cross-Platform Games: Better homogenous experience
Just as every other application demands a homogeneous experience, strongly built enough to work and present the same environment across the various devices, a game needs cross-platform (platform-independent) support, which is mandatory for its survival. Compatibility adds unfathomable depth to the user -experience and makes the availability of the game much easier. Access to multiple devices has made gaming companies necessary to develop games that run smoothly and plain regardless of the platform/operating system. Developing a game across several channels also enhances the chances of visibility of the developers. “write once, run everywhere” (WORE), also called “Write once, run anywhere” (WORA), a slogan designed by sun micro-systems refers to the code block that is written on a single platform but can easily be compiled and played on multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, and androids. Offering an undisturbed and seamless environment to the users is the primary focus of the application world- be it eCommerce or games.
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 6. Customization & Personalization: Enhances interaction

Both Customization & Personalization have become a significant part of the digital industry, gaming specifically. Customization is known to hand over the control to the users and personalization is known to shift the controls to the application. They have been few of the key reasons why people are able to interact and get engaged. The trend is not new but won’t get old for a coming decade. It gives players an exceptional chance to impersonate their own image. A rigid code would never make players feel important about themselves. Players gaining prerogative to choose what they like and what they don’t would make the game more interactive. C&P gives them a great reason to stick to the game.

  7. Retro games popularity: Old wine in a new bottle

The spontaneous hop of technology from one end to the other has led the entire generation of a new era to miss the retro games. And all of a sudden, there is a rejuvenated interest in the old style games. The retro games like Mario and Contra on mobile devices have already solidified their positions in the heart of young kids. The particular approach gives a feeling of generational-travel, generating a surreal-evocative depth. Much like art, game development has become a part creative industry which involves necessary ingredients like feelings and emotions.

 8. Recognition of disabled people

Game developers often overlook the disabled people who either have physical disabilities or are suffering from cognitive abilities. The gaming actions which are physically difficult can be a challenge for disabled people. For xBoxes, Microsoft has discovered new options for player avatars that include prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs. Though this is at a rudimentary phase, I am pretty sure that mobile app developers are keeping a close watch on it.


Each year produces its great course of actions, the actions which completely give a dramatic turn to the existing system, the actions which define the technology, and the actions which make the existing technology obsolete. 2017 has seen some of the brightest trends which bloated the scopes for marketers and developers but the above-mentioned trends would most probably glorify the high-end sophisticated experience and unprecedented rise to the mobile gaming.

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