How Can Mobile App Developers Prepare for The 5G Revolution?

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In the world of telecommunication, the latest buzzword is 5G, which is the fifth generation of the new global wireless standard. This field is the pathway to a world of possibilities of ways of communication through leveraged technology.

The world has been anticipating the 5G revolution, which has tremendous potential to revolutionize the next generation of the internet. 5G is expected to impact the world just like 2G hugely did for SMS, 3G for web browsing on mobile phones, and 4G for content streaming.

Today we will discuss the potentials of 5G innovation and dive right into what developers have in mind and its effect on mobile app developers. However, before proceeding further, let us first have a look at what 5G really is.

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5G in a nutshell

While 4G is serving us with relentless connectivity, accessibility, speed, convenience, and many other things, customers always demand even better technology. Instantaneous communication without any interruption is the demand of the crowd right now.

Just like time never stops, neither does the growth of technology. Whenever a technological feature is introduced in the market, efforts from multiple sources are put behind to make room for more development and an even more modified version. It’s no surprise that developers didn’t stunt the growth of wireless connectivity at 4G and are looking for ways to make our experience even better.

5G is a revolutionary technology that offers high-speed internet connectivity that is more stable and helps make faster downloads, and enables the transfer of huge amounts of data in real-time from scores of connected devices.

While it may still be some years till 5G infuses in our daily lives, countries like South Korea, China, and many states in the United States of America have already made plans for the wide-scale adoption of 5G. The maximum benefit of 5G will be received by banks, hospitals, tech firms, entrepreneurs, and other data-intensive organizations. It will help companies readily access the enormous amounts of information at our disposal faster, without any interruptions.

To fully understand the benefits of 5G, we need to find out how 5G is different from the previous technologies like 4G and LTE.

What makes 5G so powerful?

The “G” in 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G stands for “generation.” 2G marked the beginning of text messaging. Then 3G came and made way for faster text messaging, advanced communications, and web browsing on mobile phones! 4G made web browsing even more seamless, and it possible to ensure faster downloads– especially for large spaced files like mp4.

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Soon came LTE, i.e., Long Term Evolution of 4G wireless connectivity. The technology shifted from WiMax to LTE. There were significant changes in connectivity and thus warranted the change.

5G is based on the pillars of 4G and LTE, which is expected to increase the speed and connectivity dramatically. There have been claims that 5G will be ten times faster than 4G. It will act as a near perfect wireless connection for smartphones. It will make uploads and interactions way faster, thus letting us upload UltraHD quality and 3d-capable content smoothly.

It is quite obvious that the frequency bands of 5G will be much higher than that of previous generations, likely to be up to 6GHz, which would allow fewer crowds in airways and thus make speeds faster. Some major benefits of 5G are as follows:

  • Much faster, fiber-comparable speeds sans wires
  • Lower latency around one millisecond, which means less interference and delays
  • Much greater wireless capacity to allow for even more devices, including the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • A more uniform experience for all, with a variety of coverage conditions and options
  • More opportunities for wireless connectivity thanks to lower power requirements

Let us see how mobile app developers can prepare themselves for 5G:

  1. Ambient Computing Is Now Possible

The ambiance, or the surrounding environment, can blend with digital user experiences through 5G. Ambient computing via wireless networks is made possible by 5G. It can be facilitated and even measured through sensors, various devices, and technologies.

5G aims to make wearable applications that will remain connected to the 5G wireless network and transmit multiple kinds of data on ambiance like location, bio metrics of the person wearing the device, surrounding objects, or people.

It can even simultaneously remain connected to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other machine learning systems so as to automatically collect, analyze, and deliver information while in motion.

For example, it can warn you of a congested road ahead and direct you to a faster route. Through mobile apps, developers will access a host of newer opportunities and even deliver more reliable connectivity and wireless support.

  1. Reliable Wireless Interactivity

Current wireless technologies, despite their appreciable features, have setbacks like their slow nature. Thus, it requires several practices to deal with such issues to develop the current generation of wireless technologies further.

4G and LTE are way faster than 3G without a doubt but have their setbacks like the requirement to download and install substantial data packages in addition to a smartphone game, which slows down the process of gaming.

This requires developers to work on such waiting periods. Most people recommend the usage of Wi-Fi to complete the procedure, thus hindering availability. The goal of 5G is to get rid of such issues. Of course, users will be required to download additional data packages, but the process can be completed over the mobile network. So, Wi-Fi won’t be needed and make the system much faster and more reliable.

This evolution is expected to impact developers’ actions when faced with similar problems. The initial download period will be a few mere seconds and not the hours of downloading that was previously the case.

  1. More Devices

IoT or Internet of Things is a popular part of the tech market for a reason. As the awareness about IoT enhances, smarter and more capable connected devices will be in demand. A variety of technologies like wearable sensors, home gadgets are being bought-in by consumers. The reliable wireless support of 5G will enable IOS App developers to tap in and use these new devices.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

The birth of 5G will help android app developers to take advantage of open connections and reliable wireless support. It will open new doors for mobile app developers. For example, driver less cars will connect to wireless to a remote network and have access to a huge quantity of data, including data like processing power from AI.

It is to make on-the-fly decisions by predicting from past experiences. When the driver less vehicle approaches a yellow light, should it slow down or take a halt or just continue as it is going? In such a scenario, machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence platforms make use of such open connections.

  1. Cloud Technology Support

Desktop and full-sized computers mostly have an uninterrupted internet connection, which is why the idea of software-as-a-service has remained accessible to such computers.

However, some apps and services are trying to implement this idea on mobile phones, but the idea has not been widely accepted and has yet to pick up. However, cloud technologies are going to be much more compatible with mobile phones, which implies that access to these kinds of platforms will open up to mobile app developers.

  1. Streaming VR Experiences

VR technologies are becoming increasingly popular, not just on a consumer level but also on mobile technologies. It is still a very underrated segment. VR headsets require necessary apps and data to experience truly virtual environments, making the process tedious truly.

In addition to that, streaming support through VR is yet to develop as a field in today’s landscape due to latency and other performance and reliability-related concerns. This scenario is what 5G sets in to remove different persisting problems to make it not just possible but also available to be streamed over airwaves. It will provide mobile app developers with an array of options.

  1. Always-On Connectivity

5G is a revolutionary change in the telecommunication world. It will provide always-on connectivity, which means developers can use constant access and take steps ahead in ambient connectivity and make it even more advanced.

Apps like Uber allow you to locate the driver in real-time, but 5G will give much more information like how much crowd is there in your nearby departmental store! It could be possible through an app that tracks general crowd whereabouts using location data and information on situations through various sensors and data access points in real-time.

5G is the most prominent door to predict the future of communication and application development technologies!

The main motive behind the creation of 5G is to revolutionize cellular connectivity. Even though developers are in the initial stage, 5G wireless connectivity is a technological field that shows tremendous potential. Mobile app development companies and brands creating smartphones and tablets have already started their mission to upgrade themselves as per the 5G network’s needs.

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