How To Create a Fitness Mobile App Using AR in 2024

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Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, people have started using fitness apps to stay fit without having to go to the gym. With the help of 3D modeling, offered by AR technology, it boosts the whole experience of using a fitness app.

Before we start, let’s understand what’s an AR. An AR (Augmented Reality) is a system that has three features as a combination of the real and virtual world, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D representation of real and virtual objects.

How To Create a Fitness Mobile App Using AR

In another word, AR changes one’s perception of the outgoing real world whereas virtual reality replaces it.

In this article, you’ll understand the concept of a fitness app and how to create them with AR.

Why fitness apps are so popular nowadays?

As stated, due to Covid-19, lockdown people found an alternative to the gym in fitness apps.  According to Statista, 593 fitness apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2020.

There are different types of fitness apps available. I.e. exercising apps, tracking apps, nutrition apps, yoga apps, etc.

Popular Fitness apps

Fitness apps provide all the features that are needed for exercising at home. Most people have opted for cycling, hiking, and jogging as an alternative. Fitness apps help you track your footsteps, distance covered, speed and can determine your next activity for exercising.

Some gym offers video platform via an app, while some apps offer a fun background for exercising. I.e. Pokémon Go. For catching the desired Pokémon, user have to roam around, this helps them exercise while having fun. It is an easy alternative for covering up extra miles, without having to feel like you are exercising.

Fitness apps help you stay active by tracking your schedule, counting the calories, easy to follow steps for a workout, expert’s guidelines, and many more.  It can be connected to wearable devices easily, which makes the activities easier to track. Nutrition apps help to keep track of calories and control eating habits. Some nutrition apps provide diet recipes and healthy food options.

What features are expected in a fitness app?

Here are some features to keep in mind while creating a fitness app.

  • User account and personalized content 

Making a user account helps to track all the personal data of a user. Apps let the user upload their data on the cloud so it is easily accessible from anywhere.

A user account should contain a name, age, gender, height, and weight. And if it is a paid version, the app should save the payment methods.

Personalized content is directed towards a specific group of people. I.e. some exercises are different for females, so the whole section should be programmed according to that.

  • Habit tracking

It helps tracking steps, eating habits, outdoor exercising, diet plans, etc. with smartphones and wearable devices, it is easier to track habits.

  • Goal setting

Goal settings are a healthy competitive feature in the mobile app which helps the user determine his daily progress. An interesting goal-setting feature can make your app different than your competitors. Users love achieving a pre-decided goal, it motivates them and helps them improve their physical form.

  • Reminders

While developing the app, put reminders about the training time, when to stop, or change any exercise, etc. users should be able to adjust the settings according to their preferences.

  • Workouts

Let users decide their workout plans, sets of exercising, etc. Users can change them accordingly or they can use the pre-sets. You can add meditation or yoga instructions to the app.

  • Wearable connectivity

This is a must-have feature in app designing. It connects the mobile devices with smartwatches/ Fitbit/ and Apple watches. It helps to monitor heart rates, calories burned, the intensity of physical exercising, counting the steps, and how much distance the user has covered.

Apps send notifications to the wearable to remind them of their schedule.

How using an AR can enhance your fitness app

In this competitive market, it is extremely important to step up your game. Building an app with AR will help you to stand out among the competitors. Users usually prefer an app that is different than other available in app stores. It allows user to visualize their exercises and boost their motivation and help them achieve their goals.

The visualization of their exercise can guide users and minimize the chances of injuries. The 3D outputs of their exercises give the user better perspectives. AR technology presents complex data with ease. With AR the user can interact with objects that are not there, it makes their indoor exercising experience pleasant. Holographic trainers and user-centric workouts demonstrate the accurate exercise so that it is easier to follow.

How to create a fitness app using AR

  • Choose the right AR SDK

There are so many SDKs (software development kit) available in today’s market. So choosing the right one is important. AR SDK has all the tools needed for the AR app. AR SDK is responsible for all the 3D features, visualization, and components to make a complete AR app.

You should keep these points in mind to choose the right SDK.

  • What type of a license it has

So many SDKs are available for free on the internet. They don’t have the full capabilities as compared to the paid ones. The money factor is very essential in app development. So it is important to choose the commercial licensed SDK.

  • Supported platforms

Most of the SDKs work on all platforms but you have to make sure of it before purchasing. Most SDKs work on both android and iOS but doesn’t work for windows. The more platforms it supports, the more you can reach out to people.

  • Cloud recognition

If your AR requires more markers, then it will take up more storage in a mobile device. To avoid this, let your appuse cloud storage. With cloud recognition, the AR app won’t require large space on mobile devices. The more markers your app can identify, the more data your app will provide.

  • Smart glass support

Throughout the years the popularity of smart glass has increased. The smart glass allows a hands-free AR experience. As smart glasses are very popular, it is advisable to choose AR accordingly.

  • SLAM(simultaneous localization and mapping)

SLAM lets the devices measure the surrounding environment and track its movements, for example, the accurate position of a box in the room. SLAM allows us to navigate in the room where GPS doesn’t have access, this makes SLAM a superior feature in AR SDK.

  • Geo-location

Geolocation is a feature that helps users plan an outdoor activity in different places. Users can map out the area and decide the roots for outdoor exercising.

  • 3D tracking

3D tracking is also an important feature of the AR-based app. It allows us to recognize 3D objects in the helps in fitness app making as it can recognize the gym equipment.

  • Analyze the targeted audience

Before launching the app, you must know the needs of the customers. Check out other apps on the app store. Read the reviews, study their fitness standards, compare features, what they are lacking from the market, etc.

This will help you find the gaps and fulfill the criteria of the audience. Conduct surveys and polls, modify your plan according to the needs, interact with your audience, and give them the idea of what difference they can expect from your app.

  • Finalize value proportion

You can decide your strategy on the basis of your clients, trainers, and suppliers.

By minimizing the cost for training sessions with a professional trainer, you’ll get more client base.  As clients don’t like to continue spending money on every feature. Increase the value of the capability of the trainer’s skills. Make the products easily available via providing accurate links, so it will be convenient for client bases.

  • Designing

If you already have a brilliant idea of your project, your next step is to develop an app according to your criteria and standards.

There are two stages for designing an app, one is a discovery and the latter is development.

First, you need to hire a team that can easily comprehend your idea and makes it a reality.

Your team needs to blend both your vision and the needs of the market into the design.

Pay more attention to the video platform and AR.

  • Plan marketing strategy

User-centric apps have a value that users are keenly awaiting. So it is highly recommended that you start to promote your app on an early basis. Get feedback from your targeted audience.

Promote your app via social media and tropical websites, gather as many reviews as you can.

And understand the users and their demands. Modify your app if it’s needed.

Some of the most used Augmented Reality Tools

These are few AR tools that will help your fitness mobile app development.

  • Vuforia

Vuforia is an AR SDK that is on the top AR list as it has excellent features. It is brilliant in recognizing 2D and 3D objects. Some of the qualities include text recognition, video platform, cloud recognition, and virtual controls. It is free but has limited features.

  • EasyAR

EasyAR SDK is a next-generation SDK. It supports SLAM and has a screen recording feature. It comes in both versions, free and paid. However, the free version also has exceptional features.

  • Wikitude

It was founded in 2008 but has an impressive reputation. Wikitude is suited for android, iOS, and smart glasses. Wikitude instantly maps the surrounding environment without markers. It also supports geolocation and cloud recognition, and it is based on SLAM.

  • Apple AR kit

As the name states, it is developed by Apple, so it is impossible to use the Apple AR kit for android. This toolkit depends on its camera sensor data. Apple has made sure that it is understandable and easy to use. Apple has planned to release an AR tool with all new versions of iOS (starting with iOS 11).


If you have an exceptional idea, fitness app development is a successful area. With proper planning, and guidance you can create your app to stand out in the market.

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