How to Enhance the Security of Enterprise Mobile Apps?

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Enterprises are flourishing on each part of the globe and are finding ways to enhance the productivity. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is in rage as it allows employees to work from any corner of the world. They are not limited to a geographical location of the company and still can work in coherence with the entire team. Enterprise mobile apps are developed to ensure mobility of work and boost overall productivity of the business. If statistics are to be believed then Adobe systems declared in 2016 that nearly 70% of businesses are using enterprise apps. They are successfully using at least two to five customized enterprise mobile apps. Experts suggest more growth of such apps in the coming future but also reveal the risks associated with them. As the web world is highly vulnerable to hackers and cyber attackers on the website and mobile application development, so app security issues are bound to happen.
Therefore, companies and businesses need to enhance the security features of enterprise mobile apps to guard their data.

Expert tips to enhance the security of enterprise mobile apps:

Well, there are many factors associated with the security of enterprise apps. First of all, you need to select the right platform for mobile application development. Like iOS and Android both offer enterprise app development frameworks but they do it with different approach. Apple Inc. has certain terms and conditions for installing enterprise apps. On the other hand, Android offers its Android for Work (A4W) for enterprise apps. In a nut shell, you need to choose the right operating system and agree to their terms and conditions. Android for Work categorizes the app into personal and professional. This can help you customize enterprise app based on various management levels. Moreover, both kinds of apps are considered highly safe and secure. In addition, you can add certain features to make the app secure and follow all mobile app security standards.
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Enterprise mobile application security checklist should include the following:

Login verification in app is a must!

To keep away unauthorized users from accessing the enterprise app, the mobile app development agency needs to build robust login verification page. This is one of the best mobile app authentication methods. Moreover, adding the Single Sign on (SSO) would make it more powerful and will not permit any trespassers into the app. It is considered a budget friendly technique to login apps with a single password to be given to the employee. Again, each employee needs to have a unique password to maintain authorized access in business verticals as well.

Assessing the risk factors is vital!

Now, an enterprise application Development Company should assess the risk based on their severity. Categorize them in groups based on their severity and overall effect on the functioning of the mobile app. For this, app developers need to check everything starting from the source code, version of the app, the data and the impact of the risk on the app. As enterprise apps are formed to increase business, their security is vital.

Choose the enterprise app distribution store with prudence!

Once the design phase is over, enterprise app developers need to choose the distribution of the app. They can deploy on public app stores. Choose the latter as the information in mobile apps for businesses is private and sensitive. As the information in enterprise app stores is for the employees only, mobile app developers should limit the number of downloads and lock up the access to authorized individuals only.

Keep data and server secure!

The best mobile application development company would know that apart from the authorized access, one needs to safeguard the server and database. They need to add to security layers for data transition through API security and app testing. Mobile app developers can safeguard the starting and end points of the data flow to keep the moving data safe. They should make the app go through two types of security checks – Static Application Security Test (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST).
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To sum up, the above mentioned points should be considered to develop robust mobile app. Developers need to use best security practices regarding mobile app authentication and protect data as well as business logic. They should also make sure that server is protected from hacking and ensure that the mobile app goes through various stages of testing. This will help fix ad-hoc risks that crop up during the function of the custom mobile app. These are the prime considerations of developing successful enterprise apps. SysBunny is a leading enterprise application development company with a solid team of mobile app developers. We build iOS and Android applications for all kinds of businesses and enterprises.


Find here, some expert suggested tips to enhance the security of enterprise mobile apps. Apply them to build robust apps for businesses.

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