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Today hire a developer, particularly Android developer is not a simple thing. It demands some more refined approaches and skills to weed out the right talent from the pool. The current post is giving some good tips to get success.


Days have gone when a recruiter or a team ask a few questions to the developer during the interview after scanning CVs, check work portfolio, and put a stamp of choice on the best fitting candidate that can win the heart of recruiters during the entire session.

Today on the mobile app development landscape complexities in development are immense, and testing expertise and experiences on various technologies and tools front are daunting for recruiters to pick the right talent at the right price tag.

It requires some skills and approaches to get into the process and sorting the right candidates. Therefore, as the CEO of an Android App Development Company, I have taken pains to describe my personal experiences and of the eminent personalities of the app development industry here.

Short Listing Resumes Not Final, Go Online to Cross Check

Resumes have still some validities to find the talents, but scopes are limited. It is because resumes are not capable of bringing each facet of the personality of the candidate on the front or in the eyes of the recruitment team.

It is only that a candidate has written and cited-references have spoken during a verification call. It is through an online search that can expose the hidden characteristics of a candidate.

Fortunately, today many profiles creating and professional platforms like LinkedIn & GitHub reveals the tech aspects of a geek. You can find the links to the live work on the web (With LinkedIn) and code samples (GitHub) to assure your selection.

Take Chance of an Online Test

To summon aspirant candidates for in-person interviews and to waste their valuable time and to disappoint many is not a fair way to deal with the recruitment process.

Do you have ever hired an online freelancer for any freelancing service providing platform? You might have the experience to take an online interview and test their coding expertise with some quick yet effective tests.

If you don’t have it, learn it because it helps you to segregate some good candidate right before they are arriving in your premise. The Android platform offers such opportunities to test the Android developers using online software for skill assessments such as “Interview Mocha’s Android Online Test” & “Online Java Programming Tests” and much more.

Some other skill tests provide a platform to ask meaningful application-oriented questions to the candidates online and help you weed out the low skilled Android developers who have made big claims in their resume but unable to do much in practical life.

Gauge Technical Skills

However, technical skills consisting of many things but mainly programming flairs and use of various tools, albeit some designing too. Therefore, you need two-way screening approaches.

Programming Skills:

The first will consist of Android programming language knowledge, mainly for Java, Kotlin, and various scripts including JavaScript, Media Query, jQuery, and XML.

For theoretical screening, you can ask the developer to describe the object-oriented concept, data type, and various API integrations. For the sake of the practical coding screening, you can give them a small sample project or a part of actual project bagging some hours to an entire day from the candidates you have selected for final screening.

Command over Tools:

At present, Android Studio is a complete set of development tools including IDE. So, you can ask questions and test the skills for the understanding of layouts, views, activities, frameworks, debug, and various testing.

For game app development, flairs in Unity 3D/4D tools is essentiality along with OpenGL ES and Cocos2d like frameworks or tools. So, check it too.

Measure Non-Tech Flairs

In the software development business, particularly, in offshore outsourcing niche, mere technical skills are not adequate to sustain and grow in the market. You must have other non-technical fairs to win the competition; those are communication, passion, and team-playing.

Most of Android app development outsourcing work comes from native English speaking countries to the developing nations like India. Therefore, fluency in English is mandatory for speaking and writing as well. Take the tests practically for both kinds of English tests.

Passion for learning new technologies is an inspiring factor to excite the Android developers to get their hands dirty with upcoming programming languages, scripts, and tools.

It is true that Android app development for modern clients and end-users eliminates the possibilities of a freelance accomplishing the entire project. Instead, an entire team of designers, programmers, and QA developers needed with specialization in their respective flairs.

Therefore, candidates have the attitude to mix up with others and work in collaboration with each other using the latest collaborative technologies and networking facilities.


Hiring a skilled Android developer is nothing but weeding out a needle in the heap of hay. The prescribed approaches in the post are not the final way to obtain the best one, but those surely help recruiters to acquire the right talent with the right approaches.

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