Top 5 ways iOS development will revolutionize in the following 5 years

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There are prominently two operating systems that reign over the smartphone world- iOS for Apple devices and Android for Android devices. The charm of iOS development remains unparalleled to date. The quality benchmarks of iOS are the reason for the popularity of Apple’s iPhones. It will be a disrespect to not talk about iOS while talking about Apple.

A brief on iOS Development

iOS development is the process of developing software applications that run on Apple devices. Two major programming languages that developers use to create iOS applications are Objective-C and Swift. Apple came up with the iOS mobile operating system for supporting their hardware like the iPhone and iPod touch. iOS development has immensely evolved and improved over the past few years. A lot many astonishing upgradations are expected in iOS development in the coming years.

Apple always keeps upscaling innovations with iOS.

Back in 2007, the concept of external keypads in phones was popular. Apple came with a smartphone that completely eradicated this convention. Steve Jobs envisioned the idea of a smartphone where people can type on the device’s screen itself. His company implemented the idea to launch the first generation iPhone.

Apple has never looked back since then. Apple has seen a promising journey from launching a simple iPhone in June 2007 to the unveiling of iPhone 12 Pro in October 2020. Until 2019, iOS also powered the iPod touch. In 2019, Apple launched a derivative of iOS, iPad OS, which is now compatible with a range of iPads. 

Apple has become a brand that resonates with the words revolution and intelligence.

“After Android, iOS is the second most widely installed mobile operating system. About 25 percent of global smartphone users rely on iOS.”

Apple is famous for its ardor to adapt to various technological changes. Year by year, Apple has managed to surprise the audience with its zeal to improve.

 In the next five years, technologies will change even further. Thereby, we will witness superior transformations in the way iOS applications are being developed. Below are enlisted five ways iOS development is going to revolutionize in the coming five years:

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is already being used in various mobile applications. But, the present use of AI is just the beginning of some significant changes. Siri, the iPhone’s smart voice assistant, is an excellent example of an Artificial Intelligence application.

There are countless tasks our beloved Siri can manage. It can record things as instructed by the user; it can make phone calls, send and read out messages, and remember the user’s voice. All of this is possible as a result of the use of Artificial Intelligence. Most iOS developers today are just beginning to scratch the surface of AI. The more AI gets understood and explored by the developers, the more drastic will be the change in iOS application development.

Apple has always been enthusiastic about incorporating new changes in iOS development. Therefore, it is evident that advanced AI applications will be available in the Apple app store in the course of the next five years. Hence, iOS developers need to keep up with the latest technological changes and keep learning with them. The advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the coming years will certainly add a whole new wave to iOS application development.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

In simple terms, augmented reality is an interactive experience of the real-world phenomenon or things on mobile devices. Many applications and games have already started using this technology to provide users a complete real-world experience. Pokemon Go, a game introduced to the world four years ago, was immensely successful because it used AR. It was a monster hunting game that generated about $950 million in just the first year of its launch. 

Not only games but e-commerce websites and social media applications are also using Augmented Reality to enhance user experience. Lenskart, for instance, uses AR to let users try on frames before making a purchase. Social media applications like Snapchat and Instagram use AR to allow users to use filters. Many filters put glasses on users’ eyes and change hairstyles, which is only possible with AR. These are only some small uses of Augmented Reality. To this day, AR has not been explored enough. It is possible that in the course of the next few years, e-commerce sites might allow users to try on clothes virtually. 

Apple has an augmented reality platform called ARKit for iOS mobile developers. The ARKit includes various features such as camera, motion tracking, screen capture, and processing that can be used to create different kinds of AR experiences. In the coming five years, when AR will be much more understood, iOS development will change significantly. 

3. Internet of things ( IoT)

Internet of things aka IoT refers to the robust network of physical objects or “things,” which use different software and ap plications to stay connected and thus perform their functions. Few examples of IoT could be home automation, wearable technology, connected vehicles, and appliances with remote monitoring capabilities. Wearable technology, for instance, has revolutionized the health industry. Similarly, technologies like home automation are making lives more comfortable. 

IoT will improve over the years, so will iOS development. iOS developers must be ready for these new upcoming challenges.

4. Cloud-based applications

A cloud-based app is a software application deployed in a cloud environment rather than a local server or machine. According to experts’ predictions, the cloud-based applications are the future of iOS development. In the next few years, Apple will own around 20% market share of native cloud-based applications. The rise of Cloud-based applications will indeed have a hand in the evolution of iOS development in the upcoming years.

5. Top-grade privacy and security

Apple has always prioritized users’ privacy by enforcing specific high-level security protocols. The strict rules and regulations against the offenders ensure data privacy and security. In today’s fast-pacing and digital world, cyber-attacks and privacy threats are common. With the advancement in different technologies, these cyber threats are going to increase. Apple may take biometric security technology to the next level.

Hence, developing applications that ensure cybersecurity will be of paramount importance in the next few years. iOS app development might undergo some considerable changes to ensure top-notch privacy and security of users’ data.

Make way for some aspiring ameliorations in iOS development!

The points discussed above are just among the many factors that can bring changes in iOS development. There can even be the emergence of many new technologies in the market, which might revolutionize iOS development in the ways that no one could predict. Five years ago, one could have hardly imagined the kind of technologies we have now. In the same way, five years from now, unimaginable technological changes might occur.

Path-breaking advancements will undoubtedly occur in iOS development, enhancing customer experience like never before. Our team of iOS developers at Sysbunny, remains on its toes to imbibe the advancements in the iOS development world in our iPhone apps.

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