See a Big Jump in Your App Profit Margin by Investing in Custom Mobile App Development

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The temptation for White Label Solutions is natural in the market thanks to short deployment period and cost efficiency. However, custom mobile apps solutions come with several distinct advantages and capable of increasing your profit margin one-level up.


Last year, Apple Store flooded with nearly 22 million iOS apps. Google Play Store boasted with 28 million Android apps. Windows App Store loaded with 6 million apps and BlackBerry store burgeoning with 2.3 million apps. The huge stock of mobile apps in different marketplaces seems sufficient to meet the demand of app users in each respective mobile OS users/markets. Unfortunately, our assumption is farther from the truth because apps are divided into various categories with a specific audience and purposes like personal, utility, eCommerce, games, education, tourism, and much more in the lists. Therefore, when we think about the business category of apps, the numbers narrow down further and remain up to a few thousand apps on each platform. Out of those, the majority of apps come as White Label Solutions or Off-the-Shelf solutions to address the most common needs of the businesses by-and-large. Whereas custom solutions are a few and only applicable to the specified businesses/clients who have invested in its development.
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Pros & Cons of White Label Mobile App Solutions

By definition, White Label Solutions are nearly ready to use apps and needs minimum tweaks as well as time to be functional. Therefore, White Label apps always prove cost-effective solutions at first place. The magic of ready-to-use mobile apps remains a short while when the market demands uniqueness in the app for branding and user satisfaction to get the decent leads or ROI from your app. Off-the-Shelf solutions provide tweaking of limited features and functions including setting brand logos, messages, and marketing incentives to create uniqueness in branding and user experiences at some limited extents.

Pros & Cons of Custom Mobile App Development

Creating a custom mobile app means starting something from scratch, and it demands a good deal of time, resources, and money to invest in the app development, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades during the entire lifecycle of the app. Against these all, White Label App Solutions come with the least responsibilities at your side, and most of the tasks have managed by the solution providers including development, deployment, integration, maintenance, and upgrades through affluent support services and handsome charges for it too! Therefore, wise businesses and organizations always look for customized solutions for their bespoken mobile app requirements to reap the following obvious advantages.

#1 – Adequate Space for Personalization

App personalization technologies are rocky and widely used in the contemporary successful mobile apps released by small to big brands in the market. App personalization is not restricted up to personal salutations, search, or marketing incentives, but it has expanded its reach beyond all basics using AI, ML, NLP, AR, VR, locations, IoT, and wearable like emerging technologies. These all amalgamations are aiming to increase brand awareness, traffic, conversion, and revenue at the end.

#2 – You Have All Possible Rights

Custom mobile app development earned the clients all possible rights of their apps including Intellectual Property rights, data security rights, code modification rights and migration rights. It extends the lifecycle of the app and maximizes the return from the app.

#3 – Possibility to Offer Niche Specific UX

Each business is unique. Hence its audience too. Therefore, through custom app development, you can design UX for the specified audience in right contexts and get firm hold over it. With the right amalgamation of technologies in UX, we can win a targeted audience of the app easily and for long.

#4 – Reap Automation Benefits

Recent tech advancements are offering chances of automation of your business process via app customization and integration of various technologies services like cloud computing, location-based services, and IoT applications. If you have hired a competent mobile application development team or a company, you have great chances to integrate the latest automation technologies and emerging tech trends in your custom app at any time in future.

#5 – Streamline Business Processes

The majority of businesses have bespoken business processes and require specific features and functions to accomplish all successfully. Unfortunately, ready-to-use app solutions have a little room to add, delete, and modify many core features and functionality of the app that restricts developers/businesses to streamline their business processes and improve productivity as well as the performance of the entire business through the app.

#6 – Scalability of App

Businesses with right recipe of success always grow steadily and demand more features and functions in the app to keep productivity rate intact as well as establish app as a part of its growth engine. These all expectations from an app only meet when it is a custom solution and developed by a team with futuristic visions while designing and programming to create room for scalability and futuristic integrations.

#7 – Room for Collaboration

When businesses have different teams working at different locations some sort of collaboration is essential for back office staff, sales team working in different fields, database sharing, and third-party services accesses. These all need real-time synchronization, and your custom app can manage it beautifully, not a White Label Solution.

#8 – Real-time Communication

Emergencies, feedback, and data gathering are activities that need two-way communication and customize mobile applications can provide it all with enough flexibility and personalized manner. Your customers can place their valuable inputs, get a quick response to queries, and share branding messages across the social and other channels. For staff, mobiles come with mobility and can extend their working hours, bring passion, and improve overall productivity through unbeatable convenience possible through bespoken app solutions.
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#9 – Support for BYOD

If you go one step ahead and create cross-platform mobile applications or different native apps for the major mobile OS platforms that your target audience use the most, you can provide additional facilities to your working staff as well as customers/end-users to access your business app on any mobile device with seamless user experiences.

#10 – An Edge over Competition

Branding needs theme and consistency. Thus, your custom mobile app can allow you to infuse the required graphics, effects, animations, features, and room for messages or ads to augment your brand. How is it possible with a ready-to-use solution where all reigns are in the hands of providers? Therefore, customized apps provide enough opportunities to introduce the ingredients needed to gain an edge over the completion and win the battle in your niche market.


You might have marked that if a business is going to reap all listed advantages come with custom mobile application development.,You need a benevolent team of Mobile App Developers who also are proficient in the latest mobile app development technologies and services to deliver something outstanding yet contemporary in the form of custom mobile app solutions.

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