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The video game industry is at its behemoth popularity and shows no signs of dampening down. As it is said, “In order to be an art connoisseur, one needs to weave art through emotions,” game development is no more a chunk of code blocks, but an art stitched through the emotions of artistic developers.

As a game developer, you have a myriad of gaming engines to select from. The selection can be based on various criteria, but the sole motive of selecting the best engine from the diversified lot is to connect with the audience. From simple 2D engines to technically mounted 3D powerhouses, from the expensive IDEs to free ones, several attributes can create difficulty in choosing the engine that suits your project.

Skimming through all the engines, reading thoroughly through all the attributes, working through many platforms, I would like to state my standpoints about the best gaming engine (perspective not based on bias but efficiency and dynamicity), i.e., Unity Game Development Engine.

 Unity Engine – A Brief Description

If you have a decent budget, probably under half a million dollars, you would want Unity engine to develop your projects. It was a development tool created by Unity Technologies in 2004. Today, the banner of Unity game reads as “democratizing game development and empowering everyone to develop rich interactive 3D content with an intuitive suite of tools and terrific workflows around it”.

Here is why Unity Tool has become one of the most preferred tools in the gaming arena.

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 An Engine Which Runs With Ease

The most noticeable thing about the unity editor is its visuals. Visuals are so eyes-relaxing and are easy on the retina. The gaming industry needs an engine that simplifies the development workflow and is adroit in its functionality. And apparently, there is no better editor than Unity that could provide the said requirements.

If you aspire to be a game developer and have never worked on a visual editor, you can opt for this platform.

  1. You will be astounded to check how swiftly it allows you to create and modify your work.
  2. The tool allows you to drag and drop your object.
  3. Inspector window permits you to check the behavior of the object with new properties.
  4. It empowers you to view the preview of your code and how it would exactly look on the targeted device. With all these attributes in its bag of adjectives, the tool stashes a lot of time, and we all know how time is the most vital resource.
  5. If you think that your developing skills are unique and unity tool might not suffice the need, you are wrong on so many levels. Unity editor gives a margin of extensions which can be used to include custom specialized tools, plugins, and add-ons. The nuance of the word “unity” is clear. It is built with the purpose of uniting. Hence, tools and plugins can easily be integrated into the unity interface.
  6. It conducts all the operation with an uninterrupted transition which betters your productivity.

An Engine With Powerful Scripting

There are many engines with supreme quality visual editors. But what they lack is in their inefficiency to give a detailed and structured presentation of the game. They cannot present the contents in a systematic and well-planned manner. And if you are looking forward to springing down the complex games, other editors might not give you the benefits of cutting-edge technologies.

  1. With Unity and built-in modules, you can write a powerful script in any of the agile languages, i.e., JavaScript, C#, and Boo.
  2. It permits you to use all the languages simultaneously within the same project. A group with different technological backgrounds can easily contribute their expertise.
  3. It allows the integration of all the language codes better than any editor.
  4. The use of the languages as script shortens the compilation times, intensifies the iterations, and gives an adjustable depth to the designs.

An Engine Which Runs One Source Code And Commandeers All The Platforms

What if your code once and can make a frictionless run on all the platforms and operating systems? Well, you don’t have to imagine because the unimaginable has come true with the birth of Unity editor. No, if’s and no probabilities! It fancies your ability to make your project runnable for multiple platforms environment with immense ease.

  1. Unity has come up with a simple drop-down menu. The simple drop-down menu lets you select the desired operating systems. You can choose to build for Linux (new with version 4), Windows PC, Mac, Android (with plugin), iOS (with plugin), Web Browser, PS3, Flash (with plugin), Xbox, etc.
  2. Unexpected phenomena – You don’t need to make additional changes to the project while building on multiple platforms. What does it mean? It banks your time, and you can use this time in developing rather than wasting your precious time porting the data on cross platforms.
  3. It allows you to assign the project as per the erudition of the team. Know Unity, know enough.

An Engine With Greater Social Effectively Than A Q& A Website

Switching to new engines has always been a strenuous task. The fear of grueling switch and time to get accustomed to the new engine have bridled many engineers to work on the obsolete platforms.

  1. Unity has an active and supportive community. The community transfers the possessing knowledge to you. 
  2. The Unity forums are an excellent place for discussions to overcome your Metathesiophobia (fear of change). You can place your questions, expect guidance, offer a helping hand, follow the debate about the best practices.
  3. Unity also runs a service that gives a badge of honors for unique questions asked and answered.
  4. Unity Asset Store in the editor provides a medium for people to share, commercialize, market, and sell their custom-made codes.

An Engine With Clear Pricing Terms And Visible Licensing Conditions

Many engines today come up with negotiable price terms. Their unintelligible payment plans lead to variable prices. Some demand a long negotiable discussion, while some have no price lists, giving a last-minute shocker to the users.

  1. Unity is very clear about its price tagging. The three essential plans of Unity are Unity Pro, Unity Plus, and Unity Free. Unity free is free of cost and is not a baby version of the Pro engine, as the name sounds. It comes with almost all the necessary modules which you would need to develop and commercialize your game. 
  2. You can enable professional features like Path-finding or IK Rigs by purchasing them for a nominal cost of $ 1,500. With the kind of features and services which unity offers, the cost doesn’t seem like a lot. Here is the list of its flavors and their terms:

 Unity Personal

  • Free of cost
  • For $100k revenue or funding cap
  • Supports All platforms
  • Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Personal tier services

 Unity Plus

  • Demands just $35 per month with a 12-month commitment
  • For $200k revenue or funding cap
  • Supports All platforms
  • Optional Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Offers Dark Editor Skin
  • Plus tier services

 Unity Pro

  • Pay $125 per month with a 12-month commitment
  • No bound of the revenue cap
  • Applicable for All platforms
  • Optional Unity splash screen (with customization options)
  • Dark Editor Skin
  • Pro tier services
  • Pay to Own

 You can also utilize the Unity Free license, which comes with a package of 30-day Pro demo and an additional 30-day Android add-on trial.

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A Gaming Engine With Non-Gaming Companies As Its User

Unity has a large user base. Giant corporations and niche gaming indies connote the multitudinous advantages of Unity. So far now, the versatility of the tool is unmatchable and impregnable. What knocks my stuffing out is that it is widely used by non-gaming companies as well.

  1. Non-gaming companies use Unity for research, demonstration, and simulation purpose.
  2. The cross-industry development by Unity makes it much ahead of its competitors.
  3. The responsive visualization of Unity is being used for the architecture visualization.
  4. It is also used to create a cross-platform medical application that offers an immersive experience and realistic environment to command those who work in the ward, simulated ED, Mass Casualty disaster sites, or ICU.

The above examples can be marked as the testaments to the versatility of the Unity editor. With the kind of immersive role of Unity editor, it seems that it would rapidly superimpose its reach to the other fields and not just the gaming industry.

Too Long? Didn’t Read? Read This!

The Unity game engine is one of the supreme leaders in the manner of powerful scripting and versatility. Now mobile game development company SysBunny helps in developing the immersive environment which actively engages user’s senses and attention. Umpteen features like strong scripting, the fancy animation, and dazzling visuals along with the impeccable services like asset store and problem-solving forums place Unity in the desired position. Install the engine and let it propel your enterprise a great hop.

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