What Are Top Skills You Expect from a Mobile Developer Today? DevOps, Cross-Platform, and Test?

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To be a successful and seasoned mobile app developer today, you have to go the extra mile besides the essential native app development technologies. There are cross-platform skills, DevOps capacities, Cloud Computing expertise, testing capabilities, and much more needed in due course.


In software engineering, hardly any recognized and prestigious technical educational institution offers a unique course for mobile app development that covers all aspects of mobile application development, which ultimately leads to app success in the real world. It is not the fault of the education system in the tech world. Instead, tech diversity on the mobile landscape compels software developers to acquire myriads of programming skills and development flairs, including designing and testing the apps. Let me paint a picture with clarity.

Technology Flairs required for iOS App Development.

Suppose a software developer wants to create an average scale of the app with the latest features and functionality. In that case, the developer uses the app in Objective-C or Swift programming language. It is true that most of the apps recently come out in Swift code, but the chances are high that you have to mend previously developed apps with Objective-C code. Therefore, knowledge of Objective-C and previous iOS app development technologies is mandatory besides knowing the latest development stack. Similarly, X-code and Unity 3D, like iOS development tools, have gotten updated, and developers must get familiarized with all.

Technology Expertise Needed for Android App Development

In yesteryears, Android developers were creating apps using Eclipse and an old set of tools in Java. However, Java is still relevant on the Android platform, but the gradual ingress of Kotlin is fascinating for many seasoned Android developers, if not the fresher teams. Thus, a recruiting team in a software development company now compulsory asks questions regarding hands-on command over Kotlin and other latest programming sets of tools and technologies to develop a modern Android app.

Technology Commands Over Cross-platform or Hybrid App Development

We have a PhoneGap and Titanium framework using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the old days. We created hybrid mobile applications running on cross-platform OS and devices using capabilities of browsers or creating a WebView-based interface with limited access to native mobile hardware and software. The evolution of JavaScript-based frameworks like Ionic with Angular JS and React Native like capable technologies have spurred native-like experiences delivering hybrid applications for a range of domains. Xamarin, like cross-platform tools, has added more flavor to the taste of mobile apps. These all have lengthened the list of required expertise to be a seasoned mobile app developer. Besides native iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and other technologies, developers must learn upcoming cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development technology stacks.

Additional Qualifications Expected in Modern Mobile App Developers

I have listed all the essential qualifications needed to be an experienced and expert mobile developer.

APIs Integration Expertise

Today, the modern mobile app requires integrating myriads of various third-party services to bring additional features and functionality. Therefore, flair in APIs and integration processes must learn a skill set for mobile developers.

Cloud Services Flairs

Another thing is the emerging trends of Cloud Computing. The cloud service providers’ wide range of services, including data storage, database services, computing hardware services, and most important is MBaaS or mobile back-end services. Thus, leveraging cloud offerings for enterprise apps and big-scale business apps is becoming the norm in the industry. It is expected for mobile developers to have hands-on expertise on these additional flairs.

DevOps Qualifications

Mobile apps are now an integrated part of various business automation processing technologies and software applications to leverage mobility and expanded networking services. Thus, DevOps, like additional qualifications, is mandatory to get a good position in the IT department of a big organization or an enterprise. DevOps also supports Agile Development processes by automating and streamlining the processes and team. Therefore, it is expected to have DevOps skills in a modern mobile app developer to get a decent place in a dream company or organization.

QA & Testing Skills

Whether a mobile app developer looking for a good position in a product development team, IT department of an enterprise, or software development service providing agency, QA and automated testing qualification is essentiality. Many cloud testing services available to run an intensive mobile app testing campaign to assure quality over a range of devices. Despite it all, Android App Developers & iPhone app developers have frequently run tests using the latest testing tools, and they have to grasp all the latest QA and testing flairs right before jumping into the sea.


Considering the long list of qualifications to be a seasoned and successful mobile app developer, concerned employers are looking for candidates with at least a degree in computer science or engineering related to software and IT fields. To have a degree means a candidate can grasp the highly intricate concepts of modern software engineering and learn upcoming technologies to face emerging challenges in mobile application designing and programming fields. Suppose you are looking for an unbeatable mobile app development team with all required flairs and services on one window. In that case, SysBunny is an ideal destination to get expected talents at highly competitive rates for long-term development partnerships.

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